Leading purpose-driven visionary soul leaders, artists & light workers who are passionate to co-create creations that serve to raise the consciousness of the planet.

a message for you

However you found your way here, welcome!

This is a space that I have created for individual souls like yourself to receive the guidance, the support and the wisdom you may be seeking at this time of great evolutionary change.

The time is upon us NOW for humanity to express and create from higher states of consciousness.

Deep within your soul, you know this shift is happening and has been for a while and here it now before us, an opportunity to begin the full embodiment of creator consciousness, a consciousness of divine love, wisdom and creative mastery wherein we as humanity can co-create beauty in this world of form once more.

Walking the path of divine love is an evolutionary and initiatic path and unique for each individual soul. It is a journey, a never ending EXPANDING journey  with many initiations, challenges, rewards, triumphs that is preparing you to embody more LOVE.

Having walked this path and deepened my connection to my higher consciousness, my soul is enriched with grace, wisdom and love that I wish to share with you in this space.

A space for ALL who choose to follow their soul, their heart into a greater purpose of creation.


my purpose, my passion, my joy


I am Kim, a passionate self-taught artist, mentor, healer and soul alchemist here to assist other souls on their journey to becoming co-creators who raise the frequency of the planet through their creations.

I have dedicated myself to developing programs, courses and artwork that serve to guide individuals on their own Path of Co-Creative Mastery through Spiritual Alchemy.

Throughout these pages you will come to see that there are many different ways in which I offer my services to the world.  Either it be through programs, courses, 1:1, painting or mentorships, there is a place that can be found for you here.  Whether you are new to your path of purpose or you are a well seasoned soul this space offers you an opportunity to expand deeper into divine love, compassion and wisdom.

My work is my service, my service is my purpose, and my purpose is my joy!

portals for creative mastery

I offer here a space in which I share with you the teachings that have served me throughout my own soul’s evolution and that continue to serve me as I journey through my own discovery and application of my soul’s purpose here on earth.

There has been multiple pathways to which has served in preparing me to becoming in greater alignment with my higher vibrational self as such I have created various portals of wisdom that can offer you the guidance you may be seeking at this time.

It is a place where you can find various avenues of exploration to heal, transmute, raise your consciousness and become master creators of your own energy.  As you navigate your way though various portals allow your intuition to guide you through which portal will work best for you at this given time!

my art gallery


Here you can visit my soul’s artistic expression.  This is a visual gallery of my artwork that has served me and continues to teach me much about my own co-creative abilities.  In this space I share my journeys with you through my artwork.

To learn more about my artwork, commission work or how to purchase originals and prints, click the button below

Newest Artwork

Trust in ME

Oil Painting (24in x 36in)


This painting entitled “Trust in Me” is a representation of the long journey HOME. It depicts our soul’s journey through the rough terrains encountered on earth as it finds solace in its inner connection to the ONE!
Its Message is:

“ Take refuge in me, as I shall hold you in the purest of light and of love as you cleanse away your doubts of who and why you are here. Trust in me as I trust in YOU to be the great warrior of light that you ARE!



This is your private portal if you wish to work with me 1:1. I offer various ways we can work together.  Whether you are looking for some deeper soul healing and guidance, some creative mentoring session to get you in alignment with your soul purpose work, or you simply need to activate your inner passion and creative fire, you can connect with me to learn more about ways  can co-create your journey towards creative mastery.

courses & programs


This portal includes all programs  and courses that I offer.  You can find here, programs that support you in all areas of your soul’s evolution.  There are healing programs, artistry program and for those who are more advanced there are mastery programs.  Many of which are included in our membership program.

Online Courses & Events

Finding your Inner Guru

As a member of this portal you will have full access to this 6 modular online program.

Reg price is $111

Member price : FREE

The Essence of Yoga

As a member of this portal you will have full access to this 6 modular online program.

Reg price is $333

Member price : FREE

The Art of Expression

As a member of this portal enjoy 50% discount on this virtual class.

Reg price is $111 CAD

Member price: $55

The Art of Creation

As a member of this portal you will receive $100 discount for this 3 DAY workshop.

Reg price is $333 CAD

Member price: $233 CAD



Creation-E is a community based learning membership.


The membership community portal is a sacred space to learn, to share, to laugh, to cry, to grow, to commune, to evolve and to CO-CREATE together as ONE! 

Join our soul tribe to access tools, content, live discussions,  and much more here to guide you through your soul’s evolution to creator consciousness.  

The episodes found in this podcast are discussions on your soul’s evolutionary path to creative mastery consciousness. They are thematic series of 6-8 meditations that focus on a particular topic/theme.
Each episode has an intuitive “channeled” message on a particular topic around the evolution of your soul into creator consciousness followed by a guided meditation.

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Co-Creating your Divine Creations

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