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I’m Kim, a passionate holistic healing teacher, mentor, speaker, and a certified yoga and meditation instructor. I am the owner of The Healing H’Art, a company I created to empower service-based professionals to become more resilient to stress, change and overwhelm by teaching holistic well-being practices, self-awareness and mindfulness to reduce and heal anxiety, pain, chronic illness and burnout.

As a result of my own experience with burnout, overwhelm and depression during my 10-year tenure as a secondary science teacher and now entrepreneur, I am dedicated to inspire and empower intuitive passionate professionals to find and use their voice to be the compassionate leaders that will influence, inspire and create changes they wish to see in the industry in which they work in. I do this by re-ignite their inner flame, and re-aligning them with their purpose. 


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What would it feel like to wake up one day knowing without doubt that you have everything you need inside you?

That being YOU is all that you need.

That the love and the connection you have for yourself and spirit IS what inspires others.

We all want to leave this world knowing we made a difference.

It’s not what you do that people will remember you by but rather the impact you had in their lives by sharing your light.. your gift… your greatness…YOU!

Are you ready to embark on the journey to discovering the truth of who YOU are?


Let me guide you to find:

Inner peace, purpose, stillness, fulfillment, love and joy.


Contact me for a free 30 min discovery call to find out for yourself how a few coaching sessions can help you transition from where you are to where you want to be…

This is the path to your Awakening Journey!

Leading with Purpose

Your inner journey to inspire, influence and create change

From a burned out School Teacher to a Holistic Healing Practitioner, Coach, Speaker and Yoga Instructor…

My inner journey of self-discovery started after I experienced a burnout during my career as a school teacher. From that, I learned that the only way to happiness, to joy and to health was to reconnect with ME, with my true essence. This is where my journey of finding my true essence began. As a result of this inner work, my ability to lead and teach had significantly changed.  Now I use the tools that helped me through this on-going journey to help guide YOU through yours.

As an experienced teacher, coach, healer and speaker my goal is to pass on the healing benefits that mindfulness practices, yoga and self-awareness can offer.  I believe that in order to effectively lead others, you must be able to lead yourself. Great leaders are those who have invested time into self-development and well-being. They know that change begins with self.  When you create inner change, you change the world. I bring to you this training in various forms such as group classes, private coaching sessions ,tailored workplace well-being and self-development workshops for employees or employers and online resources.

My Services

Coaching | Healing | Mindfulness | Yoga | Meditation | Self-Awareness


Coaching and Healing


One: One

Mindfulness and Self-Awareness Coaching (online or on-site)

Energy Healing Sessions

Private Yoga and Meditation Sessions

Online Learning

Leading with Purpose

Online Workshops and Courses

Self-Mastery and Holistic Well-Being Online Courses

Conscious Workplace

Conscious Leadership through Self-Mastery, Mindfulness and Holistic Well-Being

Workplace Workshops & Keynotes

Mindfulness & Self-Awareness Workplace  Workshops & Keynotes

Burnout Prevention & Recovery Programs

What others have to say...

“Kim at The Healing H’art is Authentic and Original providing a unique balance of meditation and yoga for my soul’s journey of Self Discovery & Improvement.  She has instilled in me the knowledge that I am capable of self healing using yoga as a tool to move energy while tuning into my mind and listening to my body & soul. I feel extremely blessed to have participated in many courses, yoga and meditation classes over the years. You are in my opinion “Teacher of the Soul” Thank you Kim! -Namaste “

Janet Lund

“Being a person with a high stress level and difficulty relaxing, taking Kim’s yoga classes, workshops and private lessons have been a wonderful experience. She is very intuitive to what each of her students’ needs are and she provides a very calming and relaxed environment. Kim takes the time in each class to speak to her students about how they are feeling and what the class will consist of. She settles them into the yoga class, corrects positions where needed and brings them into a calming state of mind during the practice. She is a very friendly open minded teacher and her knowledge of yoga and healing creates a class that you look forward to attending each week.”

Alicia Giroux

“I wanted to thank you. The feedback from the staff is very positive. Your messages were clear and exercises were on the mark. Sharing your own journey was quite impactful. I realize that it was a condensed snapshot of what you do, but your session helped us achieve what we set out to do, which was mainly to let staff know that it’s ok to not be ok all the time, but also important to recognize it, take some ‘me time’ and do something about it – not only for our own good, but that of our families, colleagues and clients. And if some of us choose meditation, yoga or breathing as ways to get and stay well as a result of this session, bonus!”

Guy Robichaud

Executive Director, WNCHC-CSCNO

“Kim has been gifted with a healing presence and loving intuition that touches many people. The journey is a promise of a healing touch where one ‘s hurts and sorrows from the past are stretched into a loving awareness of the beauty that lies hidden within. It is a promise of this divine energy that has been brought to life in Kim so she can be the conduit that sparks healing in the people she cares for and ministers to… She has the special gift of understanding that through touch unleashes the freedom from hurt and darkness and sadness allowing one to choose life over the darkness so living can be expressed to the fullest without being chained to the past.”

Heather McGuinty

Registered Nurse

Finding your Inner Guru

Mindful Meditation and Holistic Well-Being


Discover a deeper part of yourself through this online meditation and self awareness course

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Wisdom from an Awakening Heart

Wisdom from an Awakening Heart is blog space where I share my insights on love, healing, mindfulness and self-discovery. May these writings help, inspire and guide you through your own personal growth, love and healing journeys.

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Warrior of Light

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Ready to start your well-being journey?

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