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Mindful Meditation and Holistic Well-Being


Discover a deeper part of yourself through this online meditation and self awareness course

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What is meditation? What do I do? How do I do this? Am I supposed to think about something? How long do I sit here for?

Does this sound familiar?

Do you tell yourself:  “Meditation is HARD” , “ I CAN’T quiet my mind” , “I CAN’T sit that long”, “I’m too busy to meditate”

What if I told you that ANYONE can meditate!

In today’s busy, stressed-out modern world, it’s difficult to find the time to meditate, or believe we actually can meditate and experience the benefits of meditation.

I’m here to help you learn how you can make meditation work for you, and make it happen on a consistent basis.

In this 2-part online course, I share with you simple tips and techniques that can help even the busiest minds gain clarity, focus and a feeling of peace. In addition to learning meditation, this course has weekly instructional videos designed to guide you into developing a deeper sense of self through awareness.


Here’s what is included in the full course:

Guided Meditations

You will receive weekly guided audio meditations to follow. A total of 6 guided meditations.

Video Instructions

You will receive weekly video instructions and discussions on holistic well-being and mindfulness. 



You will receive weekly journal/writing exercises to re-enforce your learning.   

Bonus Materials

You will receive bonus video discussions on various topics, additional audio recorded medititions and writen guides.

See below to preview content and listen to a sample guided meditation

Have a listen to this introduction video! 


Kim was the first person in my life who actually managed to make me SIT AND LISTEN. Not just to her calming voice but most importantly to my OWN INNER VOICE, which is so subtle and quiet that many of us are not even aware of it.  Meditation has become the most powerful tool for me to get to known myself better and to touch my heart. Once you try it, you will not wanna go back Namaste.

Šárka Glajchová

After participating in your 6-week meditation program, I wanted to share with your how much I enjoyed this meditation course.  I love the audio guided meditation and the pre-recorded videos. The explanations and examples in these videos have helped me understand myself and the benefits of my meditation practice with much more dept. You have such a soothing and clam voice and when I listen to it I couldn’t do anything other than relax! Thank you very much!!!

Lynn Gagnon-Michel

 Weekly Content

Breath Awareness

Grounding into the present moment using breath awareness.

Topics include:

  • Anchor Point
  • Present Moment
  • Observing the Breath
  • Breathing Practice
  • Beginner’s Mind

Body Wisdom

Learning to tap into to the wisdom of the body by listening and feeling sensation in the body. 

Topics include:

  • Physical sensation of breath
  • Body Scan
  • Body part breathing
  • Working with pain and breath

Emotional Intelligence

Decoding the language of our emotions.  This week is all about understanding emotions and thier messages.

Topics include:

  • Fear v.s. Love
  • Emotion as Energy
  • Responding vs Reacting
  • Feeling the emotions
  • How to communicate our emotions

Whispers of the Heart

Moving this week into listening with our hearts. Communication, balance and love.

Topics include:

  • Deeply listening
  • Relationship with self and others
  • Feminine and masculine energies
  • Trust and Love
  • Unconditional love and acceptance



Moving into stillness this week with some deeper breath work. 

Topics include:

  • Floating breath
  • Observing the spaces between breath
  • Receiving guidance
  • Being

Energy Awareness

Awareness of subtle sensations within the body. 

Topics include

  • Human chakra system
  • Emotions as Energy
  • Enery blockages and phyiscal discomfort, pain and illness


This bonus video teaches you how to use a journal to deepen your awareness of self, tune into your heart and your higher guidance.

This bonus video teaches you the traditional and modern use of malas and mantras in meditation. 

This bonus video teaches you 3 different breathing techniques to use during your meditation.

Included in this program is access to 3 Mind|Body|Spirit masterclasses: Master you Mind, Body Talk and Heart Wisdom


Short morning audio meditation to jump start your day.

This is a long guided meditation to help you fall into a deep sleep.

Listen preview

Guided meditation for self-acceptance and love.  

Guided meditation using breath to ground you into the present moment.  


What is Wholeness and Holistic Well-Being?

Holistic Well-Being


Holistic comes from the Greek, “holos” which means as a whole;
The holistic approach therefore means to take into account the whole person;
Well-Being is attained when there is balance in all aspects of the self; physical, mental, spiritual and energetic emotional body. When these elements are in equilibrium, we reach an optimum level of energy and feel a sense of general wellbeing and therefore it becomes easier for our body to thrive.

My first session with Kim was profoundly enlightening. After talking to her, she  knew that I needed to open my heart and trust that I would get better. When she mentioned I should start meditation,  well let me tell you… being the practical and realistic person that I am I was very reluctant to do so.  This was so foreign to me. I listened to her advice but I still wasn’t convinced that I would do it or commit to it.

She sent me a six week online guided meditation course with pre-recorded audio meditations and  videos explaining weekly topic to focus on during meditation.   It was so well explained that I wanted to try it.  Bottom line Kim gave me a new outlook on life. It totally changed my way of thinking. I’m am now more positive I still listen to the guided meditations everyday and follow her instructions.  Thank Kim, you truly are gifted!

Raymonde Paquet

I highly recommend Kim’s  meditation, she guides you through step by step and reminds you when you have drifted off.

Kim is an amazing guide with meditation and she carries a wide variety of different meditations as needed. I highly recommend her work
Alexandra Staffler Weaver

Discover how simple and doable meditation really is!

Done consistently and regularly, for just a few minutes a day, meditation will affect every area of your life.

Let’s get you started on your journey of discovering your Inner Guru!

This course is pack with value!

Here is all the content you will receive when you sign up:

  • 14 video (7 video lessons, 8 bonus videos lessons)
  • 10 audio guided meditations (6 audio lessons, 4 bonus meditaitions)
  • 3 reading guides
  • Weekly journal writing homework

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Your Teacher

Kim Peterson

Kim Peterson

Holistic Healing Teacher, Mentor and Speaker

Helping professionals become inspiring and influential conscious leaders by coaching them through their inner-transformation of awakening their hearts.

I use mindfulness, energetic healing, and self-awareness to teach people ways to bring holistic healing and well-being into their lives and in their workplace. Learn more…

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