Shakti…The Unfolding


The story of her UNFOLDING…

Birthing my soul’s divine creations

This painting unfolded over a period of 2 years. The reason it took 2 years was because I left the painting “sit” at multiple stages until I was “pulled” to pick it back up again. Not knowing what wanted to reveal itself, this painting turned out to be quite powerful in her message!

I knew from earlier on that I was “birthing” something, yet I lack the clarity of what this was. I was in a stage of my life where my soul was beginning to reveal to me a deeper passion or desire to create from a deeper place within me. It was asking to go into my depth, my darkness and from there birth anew.

I share with you here how she came to be…

It began in 2019…

I was just starting to find my passion for painting again, after what seemed like a long time.

At this point, I still was not taking my painting seriously. To my understanding, I felt it was a tool that was helping me process my soul’s healing journey. As such, I decide it was time to take out my paints again and let what wanted to be expressed be painted on my canvas.

I am not sure what happened other than I felt really stuck and frustrated and left this painting for almost a year before I chose to pick it back up again.

The image you see here is how I left it!

Here is video the day I started playing!

Fast forward to Jan 2020 where I decided to dive deeper into my painting process. At that time I was painting a few paintings all at once, bouncing from one to other because I wanted to take my older painting that felt incomplete and work on them until they felt “complete”.

And so began the gestation of “Shakti”…
As I painted these next layers, so much was coming into my awareness about creation, yet I still had no words or understanding of the complete picture of the information that was being downloaded but as I painted  I KNEW I was about to “birth” something! Here are a few moments of the unfoldment. 

At the beginning of 2020 I was asked by my inner guidance to go DEEPER.  To dive deeper and connect to my soul.  I had been “searching” for my soul purpose for a while and I knew that it was time to birth what I have come to know now as my soul purpose work.  What I have come into this lifetime to create was about to be revealed to me.

There she was…the light of my heart, bursting from me and opening to receive my DIVINE PLAN download!!!

The Light of Creation

At this point in the process my head thought surely this painting is done.  I really liked it, and every time I looked at her I could feel myself being pulled inwards and when I tuned in I heard “Your heart is the light of creation”.  So, I named her “The Light of Creation”.


I put her in storage until I felt ready to let her go.  She stayed there for a period of 9 months before I pick her back up  (not intentional at all, in fact I was not aware of how long she had been stored for until I started putting this story together).

The reason I picked her back up was to take some “professional” photos of my completed artwork to put on my website, and low and behold I felt a familiar feeling when I looked at her again. It was that feeling of “ it’s not done”.  My head thought she just needed a bit of lighting adjustments as I noticed the white paint was turning pink and so I started there!

Then this happened…

I knew at this point I had to detach, and let go of “Light of Creation”.

I still remember the word in my head “ Kim you just “F” it up!” . This was the uncomfortable part of creation…death, destruction, dissolution which led to letting go….more!

The images below was me “destroying” what I had created.  I was angry that I even touched my painting, I mean why couldn’t I have let it be.  I questioned myself, was this just another of my perfectionist pattern showing itself or was my soul leading me to experience something deeper…

I was beginning to see a bigger learning unfolding for me in my understanding of the creative process of creation itself. And so I released control and surrendered into the most uncomfortable stage of being in complete darkness of the unknown I had yet known.


This is the time where I took a step back and explored the darkness within and this is where I connected to the essence of my soul. It’s also where I created Emergence (see the unfolding here).

What followed the creation of Emergence was a new appreciation and clarity of the inner creative process we as co-creators undergo throughout our soul evolution.

More specifically it help me see that it is from the dark void that creation is born. It is the womb of creation itself and only when man can descend into his darkness does he meet his inner light!

Illumination came and I saw her, I saw her face behind a golden sun and so I allowed “her” to guide me to her creation. As I created her I could feel her strength, her power and her vitality!

I chose to use gold leaf for the sun which was a bit of a challenge to apply, but I really like the rough look it produced.

She was very powerful, as I could “hear” her speak to me as I painted like she was alive.  Insisting I adorn her with a crown and jewels.  and so I did.

***(note here that I was so involved in my process that I forgot to take pictures.)

Why I called her Shakti…



Oil Painting on Canvas

24 in x 24 in

“Shakti” is a representation of the divine creative essence of the universe.  It translates from Sanskrit as “The divine power of creation”.  She is often depicted to represent the divine feminine essence of creation within every soul. 

When I painted her, she had this incredible force that ignited me, more specifically ignited my passion for creating once more and opened my heart to receive important download for what I have come here to create.

Following her creation, I delved deeper into my own process and began creating more paintings, more programs and online courses to guide other souls on their evolutionary journey to creative mastery and co-creation. 

I not only birthed this painting but her vibration was the inspiration I needed to birth Creation-E.  A membership portal for other soul to gather to learn, grow, heal, share and expand together! 


Like with all my paintings, I always receive a channeled message describing the vibrational information contained within it.  

Shakti’s messages is as followed: 

“Your soul is the embodiment of creation. Allow my essence to rise from the depth of your being and ignite within you, your soul’s passion and purpose.  May the essence infused in this artwork inspire you to co-create your soul’s masterpiece. “


Below are available products with reproduction of this painting. 

The original oil painting on canvas has been sold.


Giclée Open Edition Prints on Archival Matte or Fine Art Photo Rag

(click images to view closer)

I am a passionate soul-driven artist, mentor, healer and soul alchemist here to assist other creative soul-driven leaders, light workers, artists on their journey to becoming soul embodied creators who raise the frequency of the planet through their creations.

The art pieces that I create mirror a depth that my soul has journeyed into to express the foundational aspects of creator consciousness.  Each piece is created through various layers of integrated vibrational information which serves as  catalysts or simulations to the remembrance of a greater truth of our being.

My process of creation involves a deep surrender with spirit as I allow the vibrational information to flow through me and into the paintings themselves.

When I paint, I feel the energy as emotions, sensations that I integrate within my system and throughout this process I allow my hands to convey that energy into whatever image that presents itself.

I believe that the creative process is a training ground for our ability to precipitate the unmanifested.

This form of artwork is known as precipitated art, wherein the artist becomes a vehicle of manifestation to which information from higher consciousness is integrated and encoded into layers upon layers of paint which create an upgraded energetic masterpiece specially designed to each soul.

This style of painting has been instrumental in my own soul healing and mastery and inspires me to keep refining my co-creative abilities with spirit to bring forth artwork that creates a vibrational impact upon those who come into contact with it.

I use mostly oil and acrylics as my medium.

I am a self taught artist with no formal training and I have dedicated myself to developing programs, courses and artwork that serve to teach individuals on the Path of Co-Creative Mastery the Art of Creation through Spiritual Alchemy.

More specifically I guide others through their evolutionary path by teaching, leading, and assisting them to become masters of their own energy by using many tools to assist each individual uniquely, either through yogic breathing techniques, meditation, painting, or direct energetic healing through light code transmissions.



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