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My Passion…My Purpose…My Joy

Hi and welcome!

I am pleased you have found your way here… 

My name is Kim!

I am a passionate soul-driven artist, mentor, healer and soul alchemist here to assist other creative soul-driven leaders, light workers, and artists on their journey to becoming soul embodied creators who raise the frequency of the planet through their creations.

How this came to be…


My raison d’être (reason to be) was not always clear, in fact I struggled for many years “trying” to find what I was meant to create with my given skill set, talents, gifts, and experience which like many are numerous and not necessarily all connected.

I was searching to KNOW who I was, and what my purpose was, until one day it came full circle to the realization that  “I AM” which was who I was, and my purpose was and IS a continuous discovery journey that my soul is leading me onto.

I have had many experiences along the way that have taught me the way to find within me a long buried aspect of me that was ready to be brought forth into my presence…my soul!

This marked the beginning of a deeper healing journey that awakened my creative essence and ignited within my heart the inner fire that inspired me to bring through the ancient wisdom of my  soul to be expressed in all my divine creations in fulfillment of my divine plan.

It has been an ongoing journey that has enriched me with gratitude, love, tears, healing, wisdom, and a remembrance of the truth of my being.

It was and it is in continuously choosing to climb my ascending path to co-creative mastery that I have gained insight into my own divine plan.

In this embodiment, I have chosen to explore my gifts as an alchemist who uses her artistic talents, her teaching skills and her healing abilities to transmute and C R E A T E using the alchemy of spirit!

This means that I assist others through their evolutionary path by teaching, leading, and assisting them to become masters of their own energy.  I use many tools to assist each individual uniquely, either through yogic breathing techniques, meditation, painting, or direct energetic healing through light code transmissions.

Together we co-create a multidimensional bridge to higher states of consciousness that allows them to access their creative potential energy to create the creations they have come to earth to create.

As we begin the connection process, each individual begins to draw from his own I AM presence the information (the blueprint) and through our work together develops the ability to intuitively access this information.

Yoga, Meditation and Art

Yoga, Meditation, Energetic Healing and Art have been my driving tools that have awakened my heart.  And through these tools I share with you ways to awaken your heart, your passion and your creative essence along your OWN  journey to co-creative mastery.

My soul chose the ancient wisdom of yoga as a path to healing which led me into the healing arts (reiki, craniosacral therapy and more) to better understand myself as a vibrational being that is here on this planet to master the use of ENERGY!

and painting…

Well painting was my therapy and a mirror for me to recognize my innate ability to create from the very essence of my being.  It was the catalyst that allowed me to heal, express and co-create my soul’s creation.  Some of which were art pieces, some were mentoring programs and others online courses.  But more recently Creation-E…


Creation-E is a portal, a space to support visionary soul leaders, artists, light workers, etc… out there who have been called to create some bigger ripples of change but need assistance and guidance navigating their ascending journey to creative mastery, to unity and divine artistry.

It’s a community based membership where we can co-create together, share our wisdom and support each other though this evolutionary journey to higher creator consciousness.

We are on a path of purpose, a path of ascending consciousness that is training us to become powerful co-creators bringing forth divine universal creations that serve in creating heaven on earth once more!

Together we co-create the greater vision of our existence!

my credentials

Bachelor of Education    2004-2005
Bachelor of Science, Biology Major (B.Sc)   1996- 2000
Certified Advanced Yoga Instructor 500Hr

  • Certified Yoga Basic Instructor 200Hr (2011) Bali, Indonesia
  • Certified Advanced Yoga Instructor 140Hr (2013) Bali, Indonesia
  • Certified Advanced Yoga Instructor and Business 160Hr (2015) Bali, Indonesia

Craniosacral therapy level I (July 2011) with Leonid Soebloeff
Craniosacral therapy level 2 (DEC 2013) with Dr. Adolf Brown
Reconnective healing (July 2009)
REIKI master level I, II & III (2009-2010)

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