YOUR LIGHT through Presence

A 21 Day container to learn ways to amplify the higher vibrations of divine unconditional love into every moment of your life by cultivating presence.

Choosing presence, means your heart leads your whole system into harmony.  The energy of the heart is a natural harmonizer creating inner balance, peace, and deep reverence. It pulls us out of the mind and into the here and now where everything is being CREATED. When we are anchored in our hearts, fears generated by the mind do not co-exist.


In this container you are invited to exercise simple daily activities that focus your attention to the present and build within you new ways of creating more love, trust and ease throughout your life. As you learn and apply these simple tasks, you will develop a deeper connection to the essence of your soul which in turn will strengthen your intuitive senses. It will challenge the old ways and welcome in new ways of being in harmony with life.

Using our intuitive senses is how you can navigate the present moment. It is a different navigation system that relies on a deep inner trust of the unfolding of path before you. It is a deep inner knowing that you are supported, loved and safe. This inner state of being is cultivated and exercised on a moment-to-moment basis until it becomes our new default system. It is relearning how to work with the mind (the ego) in a different way. A way of trust instead of worry or fear, a way of love instead of judgment, a way of peace instead of chaos.

Cultivating presence does not mean you don’t feel the lower vibrations of fear, grief, worry, etc… rather it’s the ability to be completely in any vibrational experience or state in each moment, KNOWING it WILL shift and transform through the action of your heart. The ability to hold yourself in the most challenging feelings is the action of unconditional love. It’s not about changing what is but rather choosing to heal, to expand and to create a NEW experience that is different from what was.

As the action of your heart increases through the conscious act of amplifying love, your whole vibrations shifts and your heart energy becomes more luminous and strong developing within you an inner strength that is unshakeable, capable of sustaining an inner state of love that can impact the world at large. This is our “natural” and it is time to re-establish this as we are in an incredible time of change in the human consciousness which is preparing us to be in the creative energies of creator consciousness.


Through the course of this 21 days you will be guided and prompted to practice and exercise simple concepts into your daily life.

The goal of this container is to bring your heart into alignment with your highest wisdom, your individualized presence (I AM) to receive your divine plan and create a life that is in alignment with new levels of love, presence and harmony. It is a container that will challenge to old ways and welcome the new harmonic way of living in full harmonious flow with all that exist!

Each day’s “challenges” will build off the previous and it is recommended to take your time to fully implement it at the rate you need to go. If it means it takes 30, 40 days instead of 21 and so be it! There is no finish line….

The option for you to share with others in this space will be made available to you and encouraged but not necessary. It is more about sharing with each other to inspire each other and also for some accountability to follow through with it.

The container created is to hold a specific vibration within the group to assist energetically, and when the group shares and communicates it amplifies the vibration, creating a stronger field that ripples out large waves of higher energy into the matrix at large.

So, this container is not just for you as individual to exercise more presence but also to amplify love within the container to ripple out into the matrix. This is the greater picture of our existence is to amplify the light of love to assist in the evolution of our souls into the return to creator consciousness.

The container is divided into 3 segments or sections


 Section one ( Day 1-Day 7) : Presence

GOAL: To develop the ability to drop into a state of deep presence within your HEART using your breath, focus and intent. Daily practices of applying, breath and focus to return into a state of presence.


DAY 1: Notice your Breath

DAY 2: Deepen your Breath

DAY 3: Expand your Breath

DAY 4: Sense your Infinite Vastness

DAY 5: Invite the Uncomfortable IN

DAY 6: Play with Letting Go

DAY 7: Finding your seat in “The Zone”


Section Two (Day 8-Day 14): Connection

GOAL: The goal of the second week is to enter and explore the inner portal of the heat and establish a deep connection to the wisdom of our individualized presence (I AM).


DAY 8: Listening to the space within

DAY 9: Sensing with the heart

DAY 10: Navigating life from this inner space

DAY 11: Seeing from within

DAY 12: Receiving

DAY 13: Accessing the infinite wisdom

DAY14: Connecting to your I AM presence


Section Three (Day 15-Day 21): Amplification

GOAL: The goal in this third segment of this container is to learn how and why amplification of higher conscious divine love serves to heal, expand and evolve humanity. Making the connection of these concepts to your daily activities that serve a greater purpose than what you can imagine.

 DAY 15: Know the vibration your are amplifying

DAY 16: Re-align your focus towards your heart

DAY 17: Maintaining your focus upon the greater vision you are creating

DAY 18: Turning up the volume

DAY 19: Stepping into your vision

DAY 20: Amplify your Light

DAY 21: Watching it unfold


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