Are you someone who silently squirms inside when someone offers a kind word or a present — or do you allow yourself to deeply receive the gift of kindness, caring, and connection?

Many of us take pride in our ability to give.  Many of us grew up believing that it’s more noble to give rather than to receive. And as we have worked to become really good givers, we have shut ourselves off from receiving.

We have been taught by society and our parents that giving to others makes us a good person.  Indeed, giving of ourselves to others, to a cause, to the world is necessary, however life is not only about giving but learning the gift of receiving.

The gift of receiving is not only about getting more out of life; it is about receiving life as a gift.

I share with you here my experience in receiving…

At the beginning of November I attended a business conference for women in Kelowna, BC and I was expecting to learn all things business. I was blown away for one with the beauty of the place we were staying in-a resort up in the mountains, pristine air, spectacular views and luxurious room and an amazing spa! It was all surreal for a moment and really didn’t know how to receive all that! It was a weird feeling!

As the conference proceeded, I was met by so many amazing gifted ladies who genuinely were there to support each other.  That in itself, felt foreign.  You see I have always been so good at giving, in my work and in my personal life. I don’t recall a time when I allowed myself to really receive! Not even sure I knew how!

During my meditation, I realized that my time there was not about “business” but to allow myself to really receive with gratitude, the love, the support and the abundance of this place.  I remember feeling my resistance to it all…it felt very uncomfortable. But I let myself lean into this uncomfortable space because I know when fear rise, and I feel uncomfortable that means I am shifting, and changing some old habitual patterns.

I had been asking the universe/God/Divine to help me feel more supported.  I have an amazing family that loves me to no end however the support I was seeing was to be with other people who believe in a holistic lifestyle. People who speak my language, all things energy, spiritual and healing.  Well it answered, with 120 of them!

The weekend ended, and people were leaving the conference, but I had given myself an extra day to let it all sink in.  I headed over to my new room, by myself (I was sharing a room during the weekend with 3 other ladies)  and I was in even more awe as I opened the door, I was greeted with THE MOST spectacular view…I entered the room and fell down to my knees and cried!

As the tears came flooding out, I realized in that moment, that I had denied myself the gift of receiving my whole life! My whole body was trying to receive and my mind was running all kinds of old stories of unworthiness , of not enough…you name it my mind was trying hard to stop my from really receiving this abundance.

In that instant, everything made sense…I knew in my awareness that the concept of wholeness and abundance are one in the same, but it’s different knowing something and embodying it. I recognized in that moment the impact of this new learning would have in my life and I also recognized why my life has unfolded the way it did. 

I also recognized that the gift of receiving is an act of grace.  That to fulfill my purpose I have to say yes… I have to say yes to receiving the guidance that comes in so many different forms…I have to say yes to nurturing my mind|body|spirit…I have to say yes to leading with generosity instead of scarcity…I have to say yes to making genuine connections…I have to say yes to the lessons that come my way to help me become the person that will inspire others…I have to say yes to building each other up not to tear each other up. I have to say yes to be part of the tide that lifts all the boats.

The ability to give from a place of grace…of love you must first learn how to receive.  Only when you can receive love are you able to truly give it back UNCONDITIONALLY!

You see it’s a balance!  The gift of receiving teaches us that everything is interconnected.  For one person to receive, someone else has to give.

So, this holiday season, I invite you to look at how you receive. To practice receiving life…receiving compliments… receiving guidance in various forms…receiving LOVE! To take a moment and open your heart to receive.

Be willing to be vulnerable to receive, knowing it will make you stronger. Not weaker. It will make you a “better” giver. Know that everything you learn, everything you change has a ripple effect.  So when you learn to receive love…the ripple of that allows others also to receive and give love! That in itself is the most precious GIFT!

Things to remember:

  • Know you are good enough. Discover and accept your own uniqueness and gifts. Once you accept them, you’re ready to receive the gifts of others.
  • Start small, by receiving a smile or a hug. Get used to receiving and being grateful.
  • Open your heart. Accept the fact that other people want to give to you. Until we can receive with an open heart, we’re never really giving with an open heart.
  • Let go of expectations. The universe always provides you with exactly what you need in every moment. Embrace what is being offered, however imperfect it may seem, and go with what is being given. Be willing to see every opportunity as a gift.

Our lives reflect a universal process. All of reality shares in our struggles, feels our pain, celebrates our joy, and cheers us on to live fully.

No matter what we tell ourselves, we are never alone. Knowing this and understanding this can help us see that for every gift there is a receiver, for every receiver there is a giver, and for every circumstance however difficult, there is always guidance.

When you receive, you have an opportunity to give the gift of gratitude, the gift of connection, the gift of love and the gift of saying, “Yes, I see and appreciate you…Thank You”

Remembering we are all mirror image of each other.

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Hi I'm Kim

Hi I'm Kim

Holistic Healing Teacher, Practitioner, Mentor and Speaker

I am a holistic healing teacher, transformation coach, yoga and meditation instructor and speaker.

I help professionals become inspiring and influential conscious leaders by coaching them through their inner-transformation. Through  personal leadership, mindfulness and emotional intelligence, I teach professionals ways to bring holistic healing and well-being into their lives and in their workplace. Learn more...

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