How can we hold a loving space for ourselves as we shift and change?

These past couple of weeks I have been watching myself unfold and in this unfolding I have witnessed this uncomfortable feeling. It feels uncomfortable because I’m in the unknown.

I am about to launch my new site, new courses and retreats all the stuff that lights me up. There are some old patterns and beliefs that are creeping up as I am preparing for this. What I have come to realize in these past few months, is that in order for me to expand and live from my essence, it means to commit and trust, to commit to me, to my practice and to my purpose.  And this means learning how to let go and surrender because by committing to my purpose this means I must surrender to something greater, to God, to the Divine to the Universe, to Source.  To know my essence means to trust in myself which means to trust in God. Why is this so difficult? My ego is fighting for dear life holding on to anything that is tangible.

When we commit to our purpose and to ourselves, this means to be able to practice mindfulness, the ability to be still, to listen to the message and guidance and follow through with it.  It means that through my work, I allow the work of divine to emanate through me.  My work is an art, a creation of divine energy. What comes of it and how it is perceived by others is not my concern.

This requires a shit load of trust! It requires you to be aware of all the ways in which fear/ego creeps in to sabotage this or tells you to interfere. Energetically, my power center has been on this roller-coaster bringing up all kinds of stuff from my past, my family’s past ect…Being able to see the patterns of fear that have been pasted on generations after generations from projection have been humbling healing (if there is such a thing).  My heart has expanded this week as I have so much love for my family, past present and future!

When you can cultivate mindfulness in your life you get to go these levels of awareness and it’s in this space that love, true unconditional love heals wounds.  I am so grateful for this new unfolding, and every morning I ask for the courage to keep seeing the patterns and fears that hold me back from being my highest self.

My yoga practice has been more about holding space for myself. To let myself be held and supported. Most of us all need to feel supported, connected and loved. Physically we need to be held and encouraged but how can we hold this space for ourselves instead of depending on another? It’s about finding the balance within.  When there is no inner balance which is often for most people there are signs in your bodies, in our emotions and in our spirit.  Only when you take time to be still can you start seeing these unbalancement and listen to what is needed.  My body is my signal, as I watch it shapeshift from weight gain to glowing to energetic or lethargic and depressed.

Your spirit talks to you through your body and it’s up to you to listen. Mindfulness practices teaches us to breathe, to be still, to listen, to distinguish between the ego and the spirit, to know your heart, to find you within.  Once you have touched this space within, then the answers present themselves, the fog lifts and love is revealed!

When the mind and the heart unite, meaning they communicate, the energetics of the body begin to align. No matter where you are in your own spiritual journey the lessons never cease to present themselves. This is the gift!!!

This is the unfolding!


Kim Peterson

Kim Peterson

Holistic Healing Teacher, Mentor and Speaker

Helping professionals become inspiring and influential conscious leaders by coaching them through their inner-transformation of awakening their hearts.

I use mindfulness, energetic healing, and self-awareness to teach people ways to bring holistic healing and well-being into their lives and in their workplace. Learn more...

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