This is a 6 series guided messages & meditation on expanding and deepening our heart to know greater levels of divine love and of wisdom through compassion.

Through compassion we elevate our understanding of what divine love really is and so this series we will be exploring ways in which we can bring more of this greater understanding into everyday experiences.

These series of meditations and messages can assist you to open up to receive the infinite wisdom found within divine love, for there is no greater truth then that of  Divine Love.

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episode 1

A Return to Love through Compassion

This episode is a discussion on the concepts and meaning of love, divine love and compassion.  Moving through our protective layers around our hearts to enter a depth within ourselves that is vulnerable, yet hold the very truth of all that is.  Using compassion as a doorway to accessing divine love within our core foundation.

The discussion is followed by an integration meditation to anchor the vibrational information found in this recording. Meditation begins 21:12 (time stamp)

episode 2

Expanding love through Relationships

This episode is a discussion on how relationship can offer us a window to see ourselves as Divine love.  We dive deeper into the challenges of relationship as portal to healing our shadow side.   We explore how we connect to others through love or trauma.  As we begin to understand ourselves, have compassion for ourselves we learn how to expand our relationship with others.  There is a lot covered in this episode, but we wish to expand your perception by offering a fresh look at ways to heal, expand and create conscious and meaningful relationships.

The discussion is followed by a meditation of practicing being in deep presence to receive vibrational information.  Listening to the unspoken language of energy.

Meditation begins 32.50 (time stamp)

episode 3

Fear and Compassion: Creating new Experiences

This episode is a discussion about how to navigate our fears with compassion.  More specifically I dive a bit deeper in undertanding how we have created experiences that have pulled us away from love.  Experiences that have left an energetic imprint in our matrix. We explore ways to use compassion to meet these inner experiences and to shift and heal these lower densities within our energetic matrix. Key topics in this discussion involve fears around love, betrayal, greif, fear of failing and more. How can we create new experiences when fear arises?

The discussion is followed by a meditation of holding space in our heart to meet the uncomfortable and shift the lower energetic patterns that arise to the surface in our every day.

Meditation begins 36.35 (time stamp)



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