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Personal Development and Well-Being on a whole new level!

Do you want to improve employee focus, attention, and behavior?

Do you want to reduce negativity, drama, blame and absentees, while strengthening collaboration, building trust and opening the barriers of communication between peers and their leaders?

Offering services that empower leaders and their team to lead with purpose.

Leading with purpose is a system to empower service-based leaders to reclaim their health, their vitality and their passion so they can fulfill their purpose as conscious leaders.

The way to feeling fulfilled, joyful and inspired is a process of learning to reconnect to your whole self. It’s learning to live consciously.

Learning to lead as conscious leaders is choosing to continuously upgrade your system so it can run with optimal efficiency without breaking down.    It’s learning to operate from a higher perspective or higher level of awareness.  

Through conscious leadership we remove old programs and replace them with upgraded versions.

Conscious leadership is about developing INNER leadership skills by implementing practical strategies to empower leaders to find within themselves the ability to create powerful changes that will ripple out the world!

When your system, your body, your mind and your energy is working as one whole integrated system, inner balance, harmony and health is achieved.  This inner balance is then reflected out into your life, your work and the world!

Leading with purpose is about learning to lead from within. 

There are various ways in which we can work together to help your employees become more resilient to change, make empowering choices that support both company and employees values, and learn powerful mindset shifts that transforms workplace negative attitudes to more positive and respectful attitudes.

In my workshops, keynote and coaching, I share immediate implementable strategies to practice awareness and mindfulness that have an incredible impact on mental, emotional and physical health, to increase overall resilience and well-being and decrease stress and illness.

Self-Mastery, Mindfulness and Well-Being 


Self-Mastery & Well Being

(Personal Development)


I offer conscious leadership training for leaders. This training is offered in two formats:

  •  The Conscious Leader -1/2 to Full Day Experience 


If you are looking for interactive workshops around well-being and personal development, I offer customized workshops on various topics to help your team transform and shift.

  • Luncheon Workshops ( 40-60 min)
  • ½ day to full day workshops (2-5 hours)

(see examples below)


(Mindful Meditation, Yoga and Relaxation)

I offer Meditation and/or Yoga workshops to staff members in order to promote holistic wellbeing.

These can be done online (Live stream) or on-site.

These can be offered as a one off session or as workshops. (6, 8 or 12 week workshops).  Rates depend on the frequency of the classes per week. Monthly subscriptions also available.

Contact me to recieve a quotation.

The Art of Concsious Leadership

(Expressive Painting) 

Have you tried bringing painting into your professional development workshops?

Explore a whole new way of painting from a space of freedom, non-judgment and non-attachment.  This workshop exercises your inner creativity and helps you find your inner voice and encourages you to create a whole new vision of what is possible in your life.

 It’s a powerful tool for self-expression and self-exploration.

This workshop will help you learn how to work effectively and courageously with your inner critic, to let go of expectation and outcomes, to move through your fears and inhibitions, and to heal those places inside that have armored themselves against their longing for expression.

Please contact me for a no obligation, no fee consultation

Self-mastery and Well-being workshop examples for leaders

Conscious Leadership Workshop

The Conscious Leader
Learning new ways to lead means to change the way we perceive ourselves and our reality. To be empowered leaders means to perceive reality from a higher level of awareness, from a place of wholeness rather than disconnection. When leaders understand and embody their conscious self, they have integrated their energy in such a way that they are aware of the interconnection and impact of their thoughts, emotions and actions to the whole system. They seek to empower as they can see greatness within others and are able to guide their team to express their gifts.

The conscious leader workshop guides leaders through a 5 step process of discovering and accessing their inner leadership skills. Through conscious leadership leaders learn strategies that not only build resiliency but create a deeper connection to themselves and their team.


Self-mastery and Well-being workshop examples for your team

Incorporating group well-being, personal development and mindfulness programs in the workplace has a big ripple effect.  When these programs are implemented, you can begin to see stronger connections being formed, compassionate communications and improved listening skills begin to develop, fewer sick days and overall increase productivity.


Master your Mind: Developing a Leader's Mindset

Learning how to identify and work through your blocks and beliefs that keep you in a fixed mindset and learning how to adopt a growth mindset that will shape the way you perceive challenges, failures, conflicts, risk taking and setbacks.

  • Your thoughts as Vibration: learning about the impact of your fear-based thoughts on your life and health
  • Working with the subconscious mind: Identifying your ego voice through your body sensations and behaviors
  • Uncover and release your shadows, blocks and belief patterns that prevent you from accessing your desired outcomes

Building Relationships: Communication, Connection and Compassion

Discover how your words can empower or dis-empower others. Making meaningful connections begins with building a relationship with yourself. Learn how to change your inner dialogue and improve your listening skills in order to develop acceptance, empathy and compassion.

  • Listening Deeply: learning how to listen and know how to hold space for yourself and others
  • Communication and relationships: learning to speak courageously with authenticity and compassion
  • Acceptance, Compassion and Empathy: Learn how to use your empathic and intuitive skills to generate more compassion in yourself and others.

Body Wisdom: Emotional Intelligence

Decode the language of emotions to understand how unexpressed emotions and unprocessed experiences get stuck in the body and create pain, discomfort and illness.

  • Decoding the language of our emotions: Understand emotions as energy signals that carry information from the subconscious mind
  • Body wisdom: learn how your physical sensations are derived from your emotional experiences
  • Mind-Body Connection: Learning the importance of inhabiting our bodies throught movement and awareness

Becoming an Empowered Empath

Most service professionals are empaths which means they have an unusual ability to connect with others at a deep level, and  are at higher risk of burnout, compassion fatigue and illness. In this workshop, participants will learn how to understand, manage and thrive as empaths.

A look at:

  • Tips for empaths working in healthcare, education and other helping professions
  • How do you know if a symptom is yours or if you’re absorbing it from others?
  • How to be a compassionate person without taking on the pain and distress of others
  • Why empaths engage in addictive behavior
  • Apply self-care practices that keep your energy level optimal


(Create your own unique workshop)

Not sure what to offer your employees? I am happy to develop a customized program to address your workplace needs. These presentations may include a combination of mindfulness practices, discussions and activities.

Please contact me for a no obligation, no fee consultation

“I wanted to thank you. The feedback from the staff is very positive. Your messages were clear and exercises were on the mark. Sharing your own journey was quite impactful. I realize that it was a condensed snapshot of what you do, but your session helped us achieve what we set out to do, which was mainly to let staff know that it’s ok to not be ok all the time, but also important to recognize it, take some ‘me time’ and do something about it – not only for our own good, but that of our families, colleagues and clients. And if some of us choose meditation, yoga or breathing as ways to get and stay well as a result of this session, bonus!”

Guy Robichaud

Executive Director, WNCHC-CSCNO

“The Awakening Hearts presentation was excellent. Very interesting and informative. It provided a unique perspective and opened my eyes to the idea of mindfulness and how it can be used in the workplace.”

anonymous, DNSSAB

Self-Mastery, Mindfulness and Well-Being 


Hire me to speak at your next event, workshop or retreat!

Are you looking for someone to inspire your team to take time to care for themselves? or are you looking for someone to help them re-ignite their passion and vitality?

I have been a keynote speaker for a few school boards  and health care organization on topics such as:

  • Burnout prevention
  • Self-Care
  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Mindset and Emotional Intelligence
  • Empathy and Compassion Fatigue



Coaching and Healing Programs

Online 6-Week Experience

Leading with Purpose

Your inner journey to inspire, influence and create change

Moving from personal development to self-mastery

6 Weeks Empowerment Program

October 3- November 7 2019

Building Resiliency through Conscious Leadership

About Kim

B.Sc, B. Ed, E-RYT-500, Founder of The Healing H’Art

Hi, I’m Kim, a passionate holistic healing teacher, mentor, speaker, and a certified yoga and meditation instructor. I am the owner of The Healing H’Art, a company I created to empower service-based professionals to become more resilient to stress, change and overwhelm by teaching holistic well-being practices, self-awareness and mindfulness to reduce and heal anxiety, pain, chronic illness and burnout.

As a result of my own experience with burnout, overwhelm and depression during my 10-year tenure as a secondary science teacher and now entrepreneur, I am dedicated to inspire and empower intuitive passionate professionals to find and use their voice to be the compassionate leaders that will influence, inspire and create changes they wish to see in the industry in which they work in. I do this by re-ignite their inner flame, and re-aligning them with their purpose. 

I have had the opportunity to be a keynote speaker for various school boards, universities and health care facilities where I shared my own experience healing burnout and overwhelm using holistic practices. Now I offer various workplace workshops on topics around well-being, leadership, self-care, mindfulness and healing.

I coach and guide intuitive professionals on their inner journey towards reconnecting with themselves, their clients, their colleagues and toward reclaiming their passion and love for their life and work.

My work is about shining the light on your path, to guide you through your personal transformation.








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