Intuitive Energy Healing

Believe in your body’s ablitly to heal by balancing Mind, Body and Spirit!

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“Kim is a nurturer of souls”

Alexis Fallon

Awaken the healer within!

Healing happens when you realize that you are already complete and whole!

Restore health in your body by balancing your energies and enhancing your body’s energy flow.

Improving the flow of energy in the energy field supports the self-healing capacity of the body and in combination with breathing and meditation practices, I guide you in the discovery of a deeper sense of self, and from this place true healing happens.


What are Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions?


Intuitive Energy Healing sessions integrate energy healing modalities and teach self-care tools to help you move beyond your physical and emotional pain. It provides support and encouragement to connect with your intuition, and to resolve / release that which no longer serves you.

In these sessions, I am guided to listen to your spirit/soul’s wisdom. The wisdom of your soul speaks to you through your body and emotions. Your life experiences are a projection of this wisdom.

In these sessions, I combine my intuitive abilities, my knowledge and training of various energy healing techniques and years of experience as a means of both facilitating your healing journey and connecting you to your higher guidance. I help bring awareness into the areas that need help and together we work on restoring health, joy and love back into your life.

Each session is uniquely different for each individual. In these energetic sessions, I share with you spiritual guidance that has helped many to find their path in life, and with your permission, I assist you in clearing energies, thoughts and limiting blocks that no longer serve you. I am simply a gentle, loving and supporting facilitator here to guide you along your healing journey.



“Kim at The Healing H’art is Authentic and Original providing a unique balance of meditation and yoga for my soul’s journey of Self Discovery & Improvement.  She has instilled in me the knowledge that I am capable of self healing using yoga as a tool to move energy while tuning into my mind and listening to my body & soul.  I feel extremely blessed to have participated in many courses, yoga and meditation classes over the years.  You are in my opinion “Teacher of the Soul” Thank you Kim! -Namaste “

Janet Lund

Intuitive Energy Healing Packages

3 Sesssion package

  • 3 x 60 min energy healing/balancing session
  • 10% discount on healing bracelet
  • 1×60 min Intuitive coaching session

Intuitive Energy Healing Packages

“To have crossed paths with Kim has been a great blessing to my life. She has helped me to continue moving forward during some of my most difficult times. Kim was present to listen when I needed to express myself and shared the greatest wisdom when I was ready for genuine advice. She always reminded me that simply being me was enough. She radiates pure love and compassion for her clients. With Kim, I always felt like I was in a safe space. She planted some seeds that have inspired me to continue on this path of growth and self-improvement. It’s my hope that Kim’s work touches many – she is a true healer”

Sara Ouellete Subero

Holistic Nutritonist, Beyond Vitality

“Kim is an intuitive healer, she has the ability to “pick up” on your individual mental, emotional and physical needs…The private sessions with Kim have decreased my knee pain and she has helped me release and heal old wounds by bringing resolution to some lingering baggage… I would strongly  recommend Kim. I feel we are privileged to have such a powerful healer/ teacher in our small community.”

Mary Schaefer

Registered Nurse

“Kim has been gifted with a healing presence  and loving intuition that touches many people. The journey is a promise of a healing touch where one ‘s hurts and sorrows from the past are stretched into a loving awareness of the beauty that lies hidden within. It is a promise of this divine energy that has been brought to life in Kim so she can be the conduit that sparks healing in the people she cares for and ministers to… She has the special gift of understanding that through touch unleashes the freedom from hurt and darkness and sadness allowing one to choose love over the darkness so living can be expressed to the fullest without being chained to the past.”

Heather McGuinty

Registered Nurse

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