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Empower yourself by learning ways to reduce, manage and heal from anxiety, pain, illness, stress and burnout.

Do you want to learn how to tap into your body’s wisdom to heal and transform?

Do you want to learn how to implement holistic practices to enrich both your professional and personal life?


In these 3 masterclass replays, discover how making the connection between your mind, your body and your spirit leads to creating meaningful relationships, living your purpose, feeling fulfilled, joyful and at peace.

I created this free masterclass series to give service based professional, educators, entrepreneur, health professional a foundation in holistic practices to help learn ways in which you can transform anxiety, pain, suffering and burnout by changing your relationship with your mind, your emotion, and your body.

This series is about healing.  Healing means transforming and removing the armor that prevents you from owning and loving your true self. It’s about revealing your truth, the essence of makes you unique. It’s about becoming YOU, the truest version of YOU.

If you are passionate and committed to helping and educating others to heal, transform, and change, heal yourself from the inside out and become the person that will influence, inspire and empower others to grow, to transform, to heal and be the best version of themselves!

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True freedom, is the ability to live without fear having control over you. In this class we will have a look at how your fear based mindset keeps you in a state of anxiety, pain, and suffering. Mindset is so important when it comes to transformation and healing.

This masterclass will help you:

  • Understand and learn all about fear: what it is, what happens to us at a physiological level when we feel fear, what’s at the root of it, and how to clear it.
  • Get clear on the internal stories you carry around with you that are subconsciously controlling your choices, thoughts, feeling and actions.
  • Identify your limiting beliefs and break them down.
  • Get past the reactive mind and learn to dancing with your monsters
  • Discover strategies to overcome your anxieties and fear-based mindset.

Learn how our body is a great source of wisdom.  In this class the focus is on learning to decode the language of emotions and energy that communicate to us through our physical body.  To be able to transform and heal require courage. Courage to feel, courage to move out of your comfort zone and take risks and courage to expand, grow and shine!

This masterclass will help you:

  • Understand how emotional intelligence is a key component is to healing
  • Make the connection between physical sensation and your emotions
  • Understand how unexpressed emotions and unprocessed experiences get stuck in the body and creates pain, discomfort and illness.
  • Understand how emotions and energy are the language of the spirit
  • Discover strategies how to listen to your body and work through physical and emotional pain

The key factors in healing and transforming is acceptance, trust and love.  In this masterclass we will discuss how to use the power of the heart to expand and create meaningful connections to self, to others and to spirit. In order to access your inner wisdom, you must learn to trust your heart.

This masterclass will help you:

  • Access your inner wisdom through trust and love
  • Learn ways to improve your communication and relationships
  • Understand that acceptance, compassion and empathy are key ingredients to creating meaningful connections
  • Discover the true meaning of trust and love
  • Discover tools and strategies to help you listen and receive guidance from your intuition


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