A 6 Day Self-Discovery and Mindfulness Challenge

This is video challenge that I did on Facebook. In these videos I share my insight on various topics in self-awareness and mindfulness.

This challenge is intended to shed light and bring conscious awareness to how you think, feel and act. It’s an invitation to begin your inner journey of discovering and awakening your true self!

If any of what I talk about resonated with you and you would like to learn more, click here to view my upcoming online course.

Day 1

Why we do what we do! What stops you from achieving your greatness?

Day 2

Having the courage to go to the places that scare you. Getting intimate with your fears.

Day 3

Inhabit your body-Tapping into your body’s infinite wisdom. Learning how your body speaks to you through your emotions.

Day 4

The journey from head to heart: Learning about ourselves through others. What our judgments about others reveal to us.
Moving from our egos into our essence

Day 5

Holding space for ourselves through our healing journey. Looking at how we run away from our pain. How do we forgive!

Day 6

What it means to let go!!! Surrender and Trust








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