The Healing H’Art

Inspired Creations

“Creativity is doing something that has never been done before”

The creative collection is where I use my creative essences and intuition to create. This collection consists of a blend of both paintings and jewelry.

About my Jewelry collection

I have always been fascinated and attracted to crystals and gemstones.  My sensitivity to energy along with my intuition help me tune in to the crystals natural healing ability which I use to creative unique wrist malas (bracelets) and malas. I use genuine high quality gemstones, sandalwood, rudrakshas and lava stones in my designs.  Making malas is mostly my creative outlet.  I love creating unique designs for people. (see customize your own)

I’ve decided to add images here of my designs for anyone looking for thier own unique style of mala. Feel free to browse through.  

Mala Collection

Exclusive Collection

Custom Made Mala by Kim

Do you want your own unique mala made just for you or someone you love? 

Order your custom made mala here







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