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Answering the Call of your Spirit

“The essence of bravery is being without self-deception” Pema Chondron


Seeing ourselves clearly requires will, commitment and hard work.  This means we must be able to journey inside and look at what we carry.  Look at all our baggage we hold on to that no longer serves us.  It requires a gentle examination of self, of habits, of patterns, of addictions, and of stories we have told ourselves.

Who is the self that holds on? Who is the self that creates suffering? Why does it fear love so much?

Why is it that when we are presented with an opportunity for growth do we fear it and see it as something so bad.  Why is growth so difficult?  Why do so many of us go through the growth phase kicking and screaming.  It really doesn’t have to be this hard.

What part of this old self do we want to keep…we know it represents our fears, it creates suffering, it judges, it lies, it manipulates, it does anything it can to keep us away from love, from being our best self, our loving self.

WHY?…the EGO

It’s that part of us that we have created a long time ago to come in and play the bodyguard.  It shows up at any sign of threat.  The biggest threat of all is love.  You see love to the ego is like kryptonite to superman.  So, it will do everything it can to keep you away from it.

The best way it knows how to do this is by bringing in doubt.  Doubt is its buddy! As soon as doubt creeps it, its got you.  It does this by manipulating situations, imagining scenarios, listening to false thoughts in your mind.  There are many ways it does this.  Each one of us has its own unique way our ego feeds us false information.

How can we begin to catch it before we realize we are so far down the rabbit hole? …Emotions.

Emotions are key to understanding what is at play.  We know that if you think about negative thoughts you will feel negative.  So, when you begin to feel frustration, anxiety, sadness, anger to name a few, ask yourself what have I just been thinking? What dialogue was I just having with myself? Every time you will see the work of doubt. You doubt your partner’s love, you doubt in your ability to do somethings, you doubt getting through a difficult situation, you doubt everything! This is FEAR.

IT’s all good you recognize it, you see how it got there, SO WHAT!!! What the hell are you supposed to do with it?… ACCEPT

Accept it, invite it in for tea as Buddha would say…dialogue with it. Chose to love that part of yourself…choose to say thank you to it for helping you all those years.  But let it know you can handle this new situation in a different way.  It won’t like it, it will challenge you, but keep your ground in love and it will have no choice but to back down…momentarily.  It will quiet down but rest assure it will creep up again.


Our sprit needs to grow. It needs to grow in love.  In order to keep on this path of growth your will be challenged.  Your spirit must undergo challenges.  Your self-esteem will be tested.  Is your will strong enough to stand up to fear, to say no to fear, to say yes to love, to say yes to a life that is filled with abundance?

As your will is challenged you will feel this in your gut…the journey of your solar plexus to the heart, requires strength and endurance.

The journey from your heart to divine requires trust.  Trust in self, trust in that which is greater than you (universe, God, Divine etc).  You will be challenged once more as it has to face all the lies and illusions it has set in order to protect this false sense of self.  You cannot enter your divine temple when you are not being authentic, so life WILL present you with challenges that will break your heart open.

Your heart needs to break open, so you can see the light.  This is such a painful process, because in this breaking there is pain, extreme pain.  But little by little the light begins to fill your chest, and you get to illuminate all the parts of you that are not real, inauthentic and fake.  These parts must dissolve.  You may realize that your social group that you once identified with no longer serves you, as a result friendships will dissolve. You may even realize that the job you have been doing for many year just doesn’t feed your soul.  Welcome these changes, for when change comes this means great transformation is occurring.

Answer the call of your spirit and develop that deep relationship with yourself!


Kim Peterson

Kim Peterson

Holistic Healing Teacher, Mentor and Speaker

Helping professionals become inspiring and influential conscious leaders by coaching them through their inner-transformation of awakening their hearts.

I use mindfulness, energetic healing, and self-awareness to teach people ways to bring holistic healing and well-being into their lives and in their workplace. Learn more...

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