Going Within

Online Live Yoga Workshop with Kim

A 6 Week Journey to Reclaim, Reconnect and Awaken your Heart

MARCH 18 – APRIL 25 2019

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You cannot always control what goes on outside, but you can always control what goes on inside.

We all know that being motivated to do our practice takes a great deal of will and commitment. So, I am making it as easy and supportive as I can to help you make time to go within.

The positive feedback recieved on how easy it is to do this from the comfort of your own home inspired me to continue offering this service.

How it works?

The process of joining is simple – once you register at the link below, you’ll be added to the private Facebook group, which will allow you to view the live classes.

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I will be doing a live yoga practice for 60 min and all you have to do is show up and press play.  This is real time, no pre-recorded session, where I tune into to the collective energy and lead a yoga class. If you cannot attend a class don’t worry all video will remain archived and viewable in the group so you can watch them any time for the duration of the workshop.


What you will get:

3 Live Classes per Week

You will have access to 3 different types of classes each week.  A total of 18 classes! These can be viewed at anytime for as many times as you want for the duration of the 6 weeks.

Bonus Tutorial Videos

Provided in this workshop are additional pre-recorded tutorial videos that breakdown certain poses and offers modifications for the most commonly used poses. This is great for beginners and anyone with physical limitations.

Shared Music Playlist

For those wanting some music to go along with their practice, I share with you my spotify playlist for each class that can be uploaded if you use spotify.

Live Stream Classes

You will have the opportunity to do 3 different yoga classes per week with me.  Each of these classes vary in style and level.

Ease into you week with a gentle slow flow class. This is a multi-level class.
Fire up your core with a mid week core flow class. This is a strengthening class focused on building core strength.
Finally, ending the week with a blend of restorative and yin yoga.

The great thing about this workshop is the fact that you can do any classes you want at the time is suits you best.  So if your not feeling up to doing a core class and just need some rest and restore you can simply play those on weekends, morning …whenever. 

Re-taking the classes between our live sessions is a great way to become more familiar with the poses and hone the breath techniques we’ll be exploring, allowing you to think less and feel more.

Participants are welcome to post any questions or comments in the group once the practice has finished, and I will be available to respond to you after the practice, and be engaged as well as throughout the week if anything comes up.

Bonus Videos and Guide

In addition to all those classes you will also have access to some pre-recorded video tutorials.  These are to be viewed prior to the start to ensure you are doing the poses correctly.  In these, I offer modifications for anyone with phyisical limitations.

Below are some comments the students shared:

Creating your Sacred Space

Part of establishing your home practice is about creating your own uniques space that invites you to do your practice.  When you sign up you will recieve a guide that helps you prepare and create this space.

Below students share their own unique space they have created!

What you’ll need?

Comfortable clothing, a yoga mat, a yoga strap (or a cotton belt from home), 1-2 blankets, 2 yoga blocks (or books from home), and a yoga bolster (or a firm pillows from home).


Who is this for?

All Levels can do these classes!

Beginners, experienced, and anyone in between, you are all welcome to join.


Meet your teacher

Kim Peterson

Kim Peterson

Holistic Healing Teacher, Mentor and Speaker

Helping professionals become inspiring and influential conscious leaders by coaching them through their inner-transformation of awakening their hearts.

I use mindfulness, energetic healing, and self-awareness to teach people ways to bring holistic healing and well-being into their lives and in their workplace. Learn more...

My Credentials

Bachelor of Education    2004-2005      

Bachelor of Science, Biology Major (B.Sc)   1996- 2000

Registered  Advanced Yoga Instructor 500Hr (CYA E-RYT 500)

Certified Yoga Basic Instructor 200Hr (2011) Bali, Indonesia

Certified Advanced Yoga Instructor and Business 160Hr (2015) Bali, Indonesia

Certified Advanced Yoga Instructor 140Hr (2013) Bali, Indonesia

Craniosacral therapy level I (July 2011) with Leonid Soebloeff

Craniosacral therapy level 2 (DEC 2013) with Dr. Adolf Brown

Reconnective healing level I – Toronto with Dr. Eric Pearl’s Team (July 2009)

REIKI master level I, II & III (2009-2010)

Ready to go Within?

Learning to listen to your body, your mind and your spirit is key to living a more fulfilled and meaningful life. It’s through this practice that you develop the skills needed to listen deeply to your soul/spirit.

If you wish to transform and change your circumstances, your body and your relationships, or if your work involves helping others to heal, learn, change and transform, you must make time to create the transformations within you first which takes commitment, hard work and consistency.

This is the reason you need tools and solid practices to guide you to reconnect with yourself. 

Join me for the next six week where we dive deeper in creating a practice for you to develop your listening skills by connecting mind, body and spirit!


March 18 – April 25

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More love from students…

Bon matin Kim 🙂 Just wanted to let you know that your online classes is awesome!! I feel really connected with you during the class..both live and replay. Last night i did Day2 and into my 2nd pose i was breathing through the discomfort and even got mad at my”hip/lower back ” tension…then i cried and cried.. i was able to let go and surrender what was coming up. I don’t think i would of let myself cried this much in a normal class setting. I feel safe at home, my breathing is more intense and meaningful because i don’t need to think about what other people my think of me. And the meditation is better. So all this to say you are making a difference , all the work you are doing for your practice/business i get to go where i need to go.. your voice is soo healing!!! I visualized your warm hand touching my lower back last night to help me through my moment!! xo Namaste

Nathalie Keough

I have been doing yoga/meditation for many years and I have learnt more in your well detailed, interesting, motivational, well prepared 6 week workshop than I learnt in all those year. You built this program with a solid foundation, teaching proper posture, awareness of our breathing, all the while making it a pleasurable experience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Shirley Jodoin

This is my first at home yoga and would not change anything about it–learned new things and you explained things that I never really thought of or was explained in studio that made a difference in my practice 🙂


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