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“Yoga is the journey of the self through the self, to the self”- The Bhagavad Gita



Yoga has been the driving tool that has changed my life. It’s more than physical exercise, and bendy poses for the “flexible”.  The practice of Yoga is a lifetime journey of self-realization or as Yogananda would say,  “Self-realization is yoga or “oneness” with truth “.

Throughout my life journey, my yoga practice shifts and changes as I change.  When I get on my mat I meet myself wherever I am and we go from there.  Moving, breathing, and being!

Yoga for me is like a return home, a return to love, a return to oneness, a return to God!

Through my offerings,  I share with you my knowledge and my wisdom.


Host your Own Yoga and Meditation Party

Planning a night with your girlfriend? Why not host a healthy, soulful gathering with your besties with some yoga, meditation , soulful discussion and more…

Private Yoga and Meditation

Private yoga sessions are a great way for new yoga students to get a good foundation of the yoga practice, so they can feel comfortable to go into a studio and not get injured or even start their own home practice. 

Private classes are tailored to your needs and are specifically design for YOU. These intimate sessions may be treated therapeutically, with attention to your specific requests, or as an opportunity to deepen your knowledge, understanding and connection to your body and practice.  These one-on-one classes are taught in the comfort of your own home or in our studio at a time convenient for you. 

A private session is recommended for anyone:

  • recovering from injuries and illness
  • new to yoga and learning the basics of the practice
  •  feeling shy about attending group classes
  • looking to deepen and strengthen the practice
  • learning how to start your own personal practice – at home
  • seeking to deepen their spiritual practice

Mindful Yoga and Meditation Startup Program (90 minute sessions)

This a program uniquely designed for individuals who would like to learn the basics of yoga and meditation. 

The classes  are 90 minutes which gives you a different experience and more time to focus on all aspect of the practice and also allows time for discussion on your experience and areas you want to focus more on. 

A mindfulness practice, is a journey into YOU and at times there can be emotions that can surface up on the mat and having someone guide you through that experience and hold space is a wonderful gift.

How it works

After your initial free consultation session, we establish a program based on what will best meet your needs.  This program is uniquely designed for you in the comfort or your own home. 

Together we work out times that work for you. 

If you have a flexible work schedule day sessions are also available.


What you will learn

  • The principles behind mindfulness
  • Breathing techniques
  • Meditation techniques
  • Basic yoga poses to help strengthen your body to be able to sit in meditation with ease
  • Understanding on how to work with your thoughts, your emotions and your actions
  • Understand how to use the practice of yoga and meditation to manage pain and illness.
  • Uniquely designed home practice for you to use on your own. You will get printed instruction on a routine tailored for you to do on your own.

Private Yoga and Meditation Packages

5 Sessions

  • 5 x 90 minute session
  • Individual and private instruction
  • Your own uniquely designed home practice
  • Physical and Energetic assists

10 Sessions

  • 10 x 90 minute session
  • Individual and private instruction
  • Your own uniquely designed home practice
  • Physical and Energetic assists
Mindful Meditation Startup Sessions (60 minutes sessions)

Private meditation sessions are a great way for individuals who would like to start a meditation practice of their own.  These sessions are designed to give you the foundation needed to be comfortable starting your own home practice. 

In these private sessions, you will learn about:

  • Breath (the practice of meditation involves breathing, here you will learn how to breath and use the breath in the practice)
  • Mindfulness and awareness
  • Body Scanning and deep relaxation

Private Home Yoga and Meditation Parties

Planning a night with your girlfriend? Why not host a healthy, soulful gathering with your besties with some yoga, meditation, soulful discussion and more…

Host your own Yoga and Meditation Parties


These parties include any of the following:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Self-Awareness Discussion
  • Energy Healing
  • Bracelet and Mala Making

Fees: starting from $200 depending on services and time. 

Customize your own party

You can customize your own party by adding themes


” …Without a doubt, Kim is the best Yoga instructor I have ever had. While the Yoga instructors from India where able to achieve awesome poses themselves (and were good teachers, don’t get me wrong), Kim was far and away better at getting me to improve my own ability to perform the poses as well as improve my stamina and flexibility…I am in my 50’s and have never been much of a stretcher…. I wanted to keep going with my Yoga and contacted Kim Peterson for some private classes…I got more out of training with her than I have with anyone…Kim as a healer is another subject worth mentioning. I was quite agitated one morning. I was stressed and had pain in my chest (not a heart attack obviously, but stress related) and was breathing uncomfortably. I walked in for my session with Kim and she noticed immediately, before I could even say hello. Instead of Yoga that day, we did an energy healing session, which left me de-stressed and with a feeling of well-being that I had not had in sometime… After another healing session, Kim talked with me at length (in what I later realized was actually a well cloaked counseling session) and brought me to some self realizations, not all of which were pleasant, but which further convinced me of her innate talent for helping people….”

VTY, BFJ Corporation

Still your Mind…Still your Body…Awaken your Heart

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