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1:1 Mentoring and Healing program for service-based professionals on their journey to restoring health and balance and becoming compassionate leaders who lead with purpose.


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Re-Ignite your Inner-Flame and Re-Align with your Purpose by Reconnecting Mind, Body & Spirit

Your inner journey to inspire, influence and create change!

Are you someone who is filled with all this passion, wisdom and deep desire to be of service to this world? That deep inside you, you know you are here to make a difference. That helping others lights you up.


Overwhelm, stress, illness, chronic pain and/or depression have dimmed your light.

Let me start by telling you that there is nothing wrong with you!

You are exactly where you need to be!

What you are experiencing is all meant for you to deepen your awareness of your WHOLE self.

Finding your inner spark 

If your life path, is to be of service to others in any field of work you do, life will challenge you to BECOME the person that can lead others. You will be challenged to transform all of your habits, beliefs, blocks and behaviors that are dimming your light. You will have to change the way you perceive and behave in the face of challenges, failures and conflicts. You will have to undergo a deeper inner transformation to become the heart-driven, compassionate whole leader you were born to be.

This means you have to learn how to reconnect your mind, body and spirit so you can ignite your inner spark.  As you nurture this inner light, it gets stronger and brighter and it is with this light that you will guide others.  It is this light that will inspire and influence others.

Who Am I and how can I help you?

Hi, I’m Kim, a passionate holistic healing teacher, mentor, speaker, and a certified yoga and meditation instructor. I am the owner of The Healing H’Art, a company I created to empower service-based professionals to become more resilient to stress, change and overwhelm by teaching holistic well-being practices, self-awareness and mindfulness to reduce and heal anxiety, pain, chronic illness and burnout.

As a result of my own experience with burnout, overwhelm and depression during my 10-year tenure as a secondary science teacher and now entrepreneur, I am dedicated to inspire and empower intuitive passionate professionals to find their inner strenght and use their voice to be the compassionate leaders that will influence, inspire and create changes they wish to see in the industry in which they work in. I do this by re-ignite their inner flame, and re-aligning them with their purpose.

I knew from a young age that I had a “calling” to be of service, to help others.  For ten years I did this through education and became a school teacher, teaching math and science.  A few years into teaching I experience my first burnout but had no awareness that this was a burnout at the time.  I was depleted, frustrated, depressed and felt like a failure. I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong!

This is when I discovered yoga and meditation.  These holistic practices pulled me out of my depression and this is where my journey of self-discovery began. A few years later, I then pursued a career in the healing and coaching world and established my own business called the “The Healing H’Art”.  After a couple years of coaching and healing numerous clients through their burnout and healing journey, I had my second burnout. This one was the hardest of all, as I had to go down deep into my soul  and into the dark areas that I did not want to see. I developed the courage and the practices needed to do the deep healing necessary to fully remove my armor and masks, transform my perfectionism to awaken my heart, and find my light!

Now I use this light to help you see in your darkness. To awaken you into your truth of who you are.  To look at all those pieces of yourselves that you think are so broken and help you see them as the missing pieces to your wholeness.  You see it’s by being in this darkness that we can see your light!

 My work is both coaching clients and using energy work to shift the unwanted beliefs, blocks and stories at a cellular and energetic level.

The combo of life coaching and energy work is very unique, and it pairs so well together and gives the client a transformational experience.



“Kim has been gifted with a healing presence and loving intuition that touches many people. The journey is a promise of a healing touch where one ‘s hurts and sorrows from the past are stretched into a loving awareness of the beauty that lies hidden within. It is a promise of this divine energy that has been brought to life in Kim so she can be the conduit that sparks healing in the people she cares for and ministers to… She has the special gift of understanding that through touch unleashes the freedom from hurt and darkness and sadness allowing one to choose love over the darkness so living can be expressed to the fullest without being chained to the past.”

Heather McGuinty

Registered Nurse

“To have crossed paths with Kim has been a great blessing to my life. She has helped me to continue moving forward during some of my most difficult times. Kim was present to listen when I needed to express myself and shared the greatest wisdom when I was ready for genuine advice. She always reminded me that simply being me was enough. She radiates pure love and compassion for her clients. With Kim, I always felt like I was in a safe space. She planted some seeds that have inspired me to continue on this path of growth and self-improvement. It’s my hope that Kim’s work touches many – she is a true healer. “

Sara Ouellette Subero

Holistic Nutritionist, Beyond Vitality

Are you ready to feel inspired,  passionate, fulfilled and whole?
Are you ready to use your light, your wisdom and your love to empower others?
Are you ready to heal from the inside out?


& Lead with Purpose 

Reconnect and Lead with Purpose is a transformational 1:1 mentoring and healing program designed to guide you along your self-discovery journey. It serves to enhances the connection of mind, body and spirit. It is a transformational program in which we transform and heal all the part of our self that have been separated. It’s meant to help you remove the armor and masks you have worn and to trust in the power of the heart and let it lead you into fulfilling your purpose.

When you embark on the discovery of self you develop compassion, respect and love for yourself. You learn to communicate, listen and trust.  This is the foundation on which great leaders can empower and inspire others.

During our time together we will be working with mindset, limiting beliefs, emotional awareness and intuition as tools to release what might be holding you back from having health, peace, joy, passion and love. During these sessions we will dive deeply into any areas you wish to transform.

The goal for this program is to give you tools to help you arrive at a place where you can wake up in the morning and know that everything you need is within…that you know who you are…at the core of your being and that is enough.

A thing to remember is that it’s a journey, and like with any journey the focus is not on the desitnation but the transformation that occurs as you create deeper connections within!

This program can help you with any of the following: (cilck the “+” to expand and read)


Burnout shows up in many ways.  It can manifest itself as an emotional breakdown, physical pain or illness. If you have been suffering from depression, chronic pain or illness this program can help you reconnect with your body, your mind and your spirit. Burnout is not just exhaustion due to work, rather a lack of connection with SELF.

If you are or have been suffering from burnout, chronic pain, illness and/ depression there is a way out. These programs can help you manage, overcome and recover!


Do you find it difficult to understand or even communicate how you feel? Do you struggle in your relationship because you can’t express how you feel? Do you want the other person to just “see” you?

Understanding one’s emotions is not evident.  When you begin to understand how your emotions talk to you, you see the impact of these in your relationships. Once you understand them, you can communicate them better. In this program, we go through the importance of relationships in your own self-development. We also examine the most important relationship; with yourself!


Are you at a place in your life where you realize that you are just not happy? Nothing in your life fulfills you? Your work and/or your relationship are just not fulfilling?

When you begin to realize your life is not what you want it to be or isn’t going according to some fabricated plan in your mind, the universe will come knocking on your door offering you another alternative.  If you have arrived at that point where you know you want things to be different but not sure where to start, this program can help you discover how you can begin your journey to living a more fulfilled life.


Are you tormented by all the thoughts in your head? Do wish you could just quiet your mind? Are you filled with negative thoughts or judgments about yourself and others?

The good news is you’re not alone.  Reality is your cannot stop the thoughts in your head, but you can begin to have a different relationship with them. When you pay attention to them, you are able to understand where they are coming from and you can change them.

This program can help you go from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.  This means you will learn how to recognize and hear your fixed mindset “voice”.

You will learn through the power of choice that you can change that voice by challenging it and talking back to it.

In this program you will learn tools to help you recognize, identify, accept and change the thoughts that torment and limit you!


Wondering why you are here? Why do you do what you do? What’s the point? Wondering who you are or what you want? These questions are so common.  Self-inquiry is the beginning of your journey to finding who you really are and what your purpose is.

These programs are designed to guide you into your self-discovery and find YOU again!


Are you experiencing a life changing event that has you completely turned inside out? Are in the middle of a big change in your life (ex: career change, relocation, retirement etc..) When things in your life happen that leave you wondering what the hell just happened? or What will happen? Fear of the unknown sets in and the uncertainty is very uncomfortable.  This is your first sign that the Universe/Source/God is knocking on your door and telling your spirit to wake up! Because you have no answers, you must begin to trust, to trust in you and in your guidance.

When your spirit begins to awaken, it can be confusing as your life WILL undergo a dramatic shift.  In these times of great change seeking guidance can help you navigate the rough waters. This program can help you understand and integrate the multitude of lessons you will be undergoing during this phase of your life.

Details about this program

This is a 3-6 month 1:1 Intuitive Mentoring and Energy Healing program that guides you through a customized healing and life changing experience.  Each session can be a blend of mindfulness practices, energetic healing and coaching. They are uniquely designed for you and your journey. I use my intuition to “tune in” to the undercurrent that may be pulling you away from stepping into all that you are seeking.

What you will receive

6 x 1:1 Coaching & Healing Sessions

Intuitively led sessions focused on discovering and deepening your awareness and intuitive skills to access a deeper inner knowing led by your spirit.   Working with mastering your mind, listening to your body wisdom and developing your skill to listen to the whispers of your heart. These sessions are a blend of both coaching and healing, meaning I use my intuitive gifts to “read” you energy field to receive information that can help you.

2 Sessions per month (online or in person)


1 Session per month (online or in person)

Unlimited Email Mentoring

Following each session, you will be receiving a personal follow up email from me with mindfulness homework, reflective journal writing questions that are specific to each session.  This ensures accountability on your part which makes these sessions more powerful and transformational.

Free Resources

  • Free Access to my 6 week Meditation Online Course
  • Free Access to Holistic Healing Video series
  • Free Access to Soul Inspired Journal Writing
  • Free Access to Meditation, Malas and Mantras-How to use this tool to enhance your meditation
  • Free Access to my Online Yoga Workshop and recordings
  • Free reading guides on various materials to assist you 

What you will walk away with

  • Your own mindfulness and self-care routine;
  • Healthier coping skills;
  • Awareness of the Body | Mind | Spirit connection;
  • Deeper sense of commitment to self and others;
  • The ability to manage stress, pain and illness;
  • Self-compassion and love;
  • Resilence, patience and empathy
  • Deeper intuitive skills

What others experienced…

“Since the start of my journey with you, I have felt things I never knew existed, I have accepted myself and grown to be more confident as a woman. All from being in a state of burn-out/depression from a career that was no longer serving me. From the moment I reached out to you, I knew I was on a journey to a healthier me. You took the time to help me overcome obstacles that were blocking me in many aspect of my life, especially in my career. As a full-time elementary school teacher and business owner, I somehow lost myself. I knew that my career path wasn’t aligning with my purpose, so I felt lost, depressed and sick. Within our first few sessions, your presence, energy and guidance helped me overcome many obstacles and emotions to re-align my path. You helped me discover how to be true to myself and that’s it’s ok to feel and have emotions. Although I have come a long way from our first session together, I still benefit from your yoga sessions and always will. I am better able to cope with my daily stresses and its also helping me grow as a woman – to be the best I can be and to believe in myself. I am so grateful for your classes! Namaste xx”

Rachel Bertrand

Entrepreneur, Rachel's Travel

I seeked your services because I wanted to find myself and learn to take care of me. In the sessions with Kim, I learned that its ok the take care of myself. Its in my nature to take care of everybody else that I lost track of ME. Who I really am, my wants and needs. I would recommend Kim’s one-on-one Awaken You program. Kim is a person full of warmth and good energy, easy to talk, listen and understand. I am so glad I took theses sessions!


Il y a un dicton qui dit que quand l’étudiant est prêt, l’enseignant apparaîtra et c’est en effet ce qui m’est arrivé. Kim était une des invitées lors d’une activité de pleine conscience offerte à une de mes collègues. Les paroles de cette dernière résonnaient chez moi et j’ai décidé de suivre deux cours de yoga avec Kim. Lorsque kim m’a proposé son programme «Awaken You», j’ai trouvé que c’était le moment idéal pour retrouver un équilibre entre ma vie personnelle et professionnelle. Je n’avais pas d’attentes pour ne pas être déçue, mais dès la première session je me suis sentie à l’aise et j’ai vu les changements que je voulais chez moi. Les lectures proposées était vraiment en lien avec ce que j’avais besoin. Je n’hésiterais pas à conseiller les services de Kim. Elle est très terre à terre et emphatique. Je quitte chaque session avec une nouvelle perspective sur la vie.

Mélanie Cazabon


Your sessions have taught me to love myself more and to trust in the Universe. By trusting in the Universe, I am now able to welcome all of life’s “changes” and embrace them as something positive in my life. I enjoyed the energy massages… amazing how much “emotional” stuff would just release while I just laid there on the bed! I also enjoyed the books that you recommended as they were very powerful and insightful!

I will continue to recommend you to those that are seeking to find peace and serenity within themselves. You are there to help “facilitate” the client’s own self-growth via your knowledge, experience, and sharing of resources. You are a wealth of knowledge, a wonderful coach and mentor! And most of all, I appreciate how you always make yourself available by either email, telephone or sessions… thanks for being there! The techniques and resources you share are quite helpful to relieve stress. Amazing how one forgets to “breathe” when stressed



3 Months to get you ignited, vibrant and on purpose! 

You will never be fully ready to answer the call of your soul to heal, but you are here now for a reason, so click the button below and lets chat!


The journey to wholeness begins with awareness of all aspects of the self using the holistic well-being model. Well-being is attained when the physical, mental, spiritual and energetic emotional body are in balance.

Understanding that you are a holistic being is key to the healing process.  Here we focus on:

Body wisdom: decoding the language of our emotions and energy

Mastering our minds: a torougho look at behaviours, beliefs and blocks



This awareness deepens as relationships are formed between mind, body and spirit. This is done by connecting to the heart and using the heart’s intelligence to communicate with the body and the mind.



By creating heart/brain connection it empowers us to experience deeper state of intuition thus instilling trust. Trust is established when there is integrity, honesty and commitment.


Through conscious awareness you develop trust in divine wisdom, in spirit and you learn to surrender and let go of who you have been.  You learn to let go of control and surrender to the flow of life. 


As your illusions of self begin to dissolve, the more transparent you become, the closer to truth you get. When you are in alignment with this truth, you are living your life’s purpose. When you have embodied this truth you have embodied your wholeness.

When you allow love to enter and lead, there is no space for fear, worry and doubt.  Love is always there, there will ever be a shortage of love, and it always lives within you.  The key is to learn to recieve and allow! 

Then you are in flow and life unfolds in ways you cant even have imagined!


Here is a sample of the materials we will covering in our sessions together. 

This is a customized program which means that after the intial free session together we establish the areas you want focus on and I follow up with you with your own unique plan.


You will never regret investing in yourself…trust me!

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