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Coaching | Healing | Mindfulness | Yoga | Meditation | Self-Awareness

Guiding you through your inner healing journey to restore health, balance and love!

I do this by teaching ways to identify and better cope with stress, pain, illness and burnout.

Awaken You

Mindfulness, Coaching, and Healing Sessions


Mindfulness and Self-Awareness Coaching (online or on-site)

Energy Healing Sessions

Private Yoga and Meditation Sessions  

Workshops and Retreats

Yoga, Meditation, Healing and Self-Awareness

Workshops and Retreats

Yoga & Meditation

Self-Awareness and Healing


Wellness in the Workplace

Yoga, Mindfulness and Self-Awareness Presentations & Workshops 

Workplace Presentations & Workshops

Mindfulness & Self-Awareness Workplace Presentations & Workshops

Burnout Prevention & Recovery Programs

Staff training

The Awakening Heart

Online Holistic Health & Healing Academy 


Online Workshops and Courses

Holistic Health & Healing  



Awaken You


Coaching | Mindful Yoga and Meditation | Energy Healing

Private Sessions

Coaching | Mindful Yoga and Meditation | Energy Healing

Online or Live Coaching Program

Awaken You: A Path to Self-Discovery and Self-Love

Awaken you is a one-on-one coaching and healing program to help you discover your authentic power through emotional and energetic awareness.   This custom designed program can help you understand and work with developing emotional empowerment, self-awareness and self-love which leads to reclaiming your personal power and finding more peace, joy and love in your life. 

Private Yoga and Meditation

Private yoga and meditation classes offer a safe, comfortable and convenient way for you to learn ways to bring you physical body, your mind and your spirit into balance.  Combining my yoga training experience with my intuitive energetic healing experience, these one-on one classes are uniquely designed to meet your abilities and level of comfort while helping you to improve your overall health and well-being. These one-on-one classes are taught in the comfort of your own home or in our studio at a time convenient for you.

Energy Healing Session

Restore health in your body by balancing your energies and enhancing your body’s energy flow.

Improving the flow of energy in the energy field supports the self-healing capacity of the body and in combination with breathing and meditation practices, I guide you in the discovery of deeper self- awareness and from this place true healing happens.

I use my trainings in Reiki, BioDynamic CranioSacral Therapy and Reconnective Healing to offer you an intuitive healing session.

“Since the start of my yoga and healing journey with you, I have felt things I never knew existed. I have accepted myself and grown to be more confident as a woman. All from being in a state of burn-out/depression from a career that was no longer serving me. From the moment I reached out to you, I knew I was on a journey to a healthier me. You took the time to help me overcome obstacles that were blocking me in many aspect of my life, especially in my career. As a full-time elementary school teacher and business owner, I somehow lost myself. I knew that my career path wasn’t aligning with my purpose, so I felt lost, guilty, depressed and sick. Within our first few sessions, your presence, energy and guidance helped me overcome many obstacles and emotions to re-align my path. You helped me discover how to be true to myself and that it’s ok to feel and have emotions. Although I have come a long way from our first session together, being in a state of wellness is an ongoing process and I still benefit from your yoga, healing and wellness sessions and always will. I am better able to cope with my daily stresses and its also helping me grow as a woman – to be the best I can be and to believe in myself. I am so grateful that I somehow found you (or you found me), when I truly needed this in my life at this moment. Namaste xx”

Rachel Bertrand

Entrepreneure, VA Lounge and Rachel's Travel

Begin your journey to wellness

The Awakening Heart

A Journey to Healing using Mindfulness Practices, Self-Awareness and Self-Love

Online Holistic Health & Healing Academy  


Online Holistic Health & Healing Learning Space

Coming Soon!

This is a space where you can learn ways to begin your journey to well being and healing.  By becoming a member you will have access to various workshops and resources that can guide you along your journey!


The Awakening Heart is an embodiment of the work needed to arrive to an awakened heart.  It’s an online resource space where you can find tools to help you along your healing journey. Healing happens when your heart awakens to love.  Healing happens in the present moment.

This work about you and your life.  It’s about your relationship with your mind, your body and your spirit.  It’s an invitation to use mindfulness as a tool to navigate your inner world to find love, peace and harmony.

It is designed to help anyone who is in the process of awakening to their authentic Self.  

Wellness in the Workplace

Building better relationships

Tools, Programs and Workshops to help support your employee’s holistic needs

Yoga, Mindfulness and Self-Awareness Presentations & Workshops

Presentations | Workshops & Classes | Consultations

Do you want to improve employee focus, attention and behavior?

Reduce workspace negativity, blame and absentees and strenghten collaboration and open the barriers of communication between peers and their leaders?

There are various ways in which I can work with you to help bring more wellness among your employees.  These include professional development presentations, mindfulness and self-awareness workshops, yoga and meditation classes, private coaching and burnout prevention and recovery programs.

“Your presentation thaught me that we really need to take the time to evaluate ourselves and be more aware of well-being … to take the time to be good to ourself. You understand us as teachers,  you know what it’s like to teach and  you empathize with teacher’s pressures and stress. You know your stuff and you have a very healing heart and mind.”


Elementary Teacher, Conseil scolaire catholique Franco-Nord

Workshops & Retreats

Yoga & Meditation | Self-Awareness

Mindful Yoga and Meditation Workshops 

Yoga and Healing Retreats

“Kim is an excellent Yoga instructor… She makes everyone feel comfortable and gives the one on one teaching that is so needed in a group setting…She is also a very gifted intuitive healer……Kim is an inspiration to me. I like the courses that she offers and feel more enlightened as a result of them. I have a new understanding of the chakra system and how the body works through yoga, asana, pranayama and mediation…Kim is a kind, enthusiastic and a loving spirit. I look forward to taking the courses that she offersI look forward to taking more classes with her”

Frances Cockburn

Breathe…Listen…Awaken your Heart

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