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A Return to Love through Compassion

In this Episode, I discuss the importance of getting better acquainted with Letting Go and releasing everything that no longer serves you in your life.

It’s followed by a 15 min breathing meditation that focuses being in a surrendered state.

Meditation begins 14:20 (time stamp)


Trusting your Inner Widsom

In this Episode, I discuss the concept of trust.  What it means to trust and what is it we are trusting in?

Key topics in this conversation include: Intuition, inner guidance system, overriding the mental control mechanism and much more

The guided meditation following the message leads you into a deeper state of inner presence. Feeling the stillness within to better access your inner guidance system.

Meditation begins 23:00 (time stamp)


Seeking Truth

In this Episode, I discuss the concept of truth.  What does it mean to be truth, to live truth? What is this truth?

Key topics in this conversation include:

The realization of self, the soul-self vs. the identified-self, removing the veil of illusion created by the mind and living our soul purpose.

The mediation explores finding, and being in your inner sanctuary to listen to the soul-self!

Meditation begins 19:30 (time stamp)



In this episode I discuss ways to become more accepting of life’s challenges, how to perceive these challenges from a greater perspective, and how to develop greater acceptance of self and others. 

As you walk the path of purpose, you begin to see that all the challenges that life presents you are in fact laid out for you in such a way to prepare you to fulfill your purpose. These experience are simply a contrast to help your soul evolve. 

The more you can accept life as it is, the easier you can flow with it rather than resist it. 

Key topics in this conversation include: Acceptance of life, of self and of others. Releasing control and judgments. Navigating the cycle of change for the soul’s evolution.

The mediation explores finding, and being in a place of acceptance to allow life to unfold.

Meditation begins 20:05 (time stamp)


Elevate your Vibration

In this Episode, I discuss what it means when people say “Raise your vibration” , why it’s important and how is this achieved.

I cover how your thoughts and emotions are frequency and/or vibration that create form (matter) and that our state of consciousness reflects the quality of our thoughts.

Key topics in this conversation include:

Vibration, frequency, thougths, emotions, consciousness, evolution and much more.

The guided meditation included guides you into a higher state of vibration connecting to your heart energy and your I am presence consciousness.

Meditation begins 22:40 (time stamp)


Choosing Sovereignty

In this Episode, I discuss the power of choosing to be a sovereign self

The discussion in the audio speaks of choosing, choosing to let your soul lead, or letting you mind control you.

Sovereignty is about freedom, its about claiming your own path and be the creator of your life.  It is about shifting from the perception that life is happening to you and you are along for the ride to being in the alchemist of the life you are destined to live.

Living with purpose is following the path of sovereignty, the path of the soul that leads to fulfilment and unity.

Key topics in this conversation include:

Creator consciounsness, choosing the path of purpose, removin illusions, being the authority of self.

The guided meditation that follows opens you to a greater state of consciousness as you bring your mind into alignment with your heart.

Meditation begins 22:00 (time stamp)


Soul Alignment

In this Episode, I discuss the concept of soul alignment.  The key to fulfillment, to joy and to peace is to BE in alignment with the vibration of your higher self and soul.

Key topics in this conversation include:

Being the essence of God, of the creator, self-realization, fulfillment and purpose.

The guided meditation that follows opens you to a greater state of consciousness as you bring your mind into alignment with your heart.

Meditation begins 21:06(time stamp)


Living and Creating with Higher Purpose

In this Episode, I discuss the nature of living and  creating with purpose.

There comes a time in life where you REALIZE that what you do and create serves a greater purpose and that you as a soul have come to earth with a unique purpose.

Walking the path of purpose means that you have come to the realization that you are a soul, with its own purpose and that your work here on earth is to learn how to let your soul to lead you toward fulfillment of its purpose.
As such, you begin to realize your own creative nature, and that you have come to earth to create and to experience the joy of creation.

Fulfillment arises when you are can fully express your soul’s essence through all of what you create.  It is not what you create that gives you the greatest joy and fulfillment but rather it’s the process of creation itself. It’s the experience of presence in every moment that gives you the satisfaction of being alive to experience the vast array of energetic nuances that you have created.
In short, it’s not about chasing your purpose and figuring out what your purpose is, but rather it is the path you choose to walk that aligns you with the discovery of your purpose and THIS is what brings you into a state of fulfillment.

The guided meditation that follows explores the realm of wonder where all creation is born.

Meditation begins 21:06(time stamp)


Compassion Series

This is a 6 series guided messages & meditation on expanding and deepening our heart to know greater levels of divine love and of wisdom through compassion.

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