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The Awakening Heart is a sacred space where you can find the guidance you need to help navigate your inner journey of  awakening to your authentic Self.

It’s an online resource space where you can find tools to help you along your healing journey. Healing happens when your heart awakens to love and discover your wholeness.

The journey to wholeness is about creating balance.  When you are balanced, your mind, your body and your spirit are in harmony which means they are working as a whole system instead of separate.


The Journey

Who is this for?

It is designed to help anyone who is in the process of awakening to their authentic Self.  When you wake up and you no longer recognize who you are, or you are depressed and stressed out, your soul will call on you to make some changes.  Your spirit calls you back when you have lost sign of your true nature, your true Self!  It does this by creating chaos in your life, this is a re-direction.  For some it’s a gentle re-direction such as a loss of job, relationship, person, and for others it’s a stronger call such as a chronic illness, or pain.  Whatever the life changing event, it’s a call to return home, to return to your heart, to return to wholeness.

The Awakening Heart is a space where you can find the guidance you need to help you navigate the uncertainty of this process. It’s designed to support you in your journey as best as it can!

The Courses

Tools and Resources

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