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A 6 Week Journey into the THE ESSENCE OF YOGA

Learn how to access your soul’s wisdom

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Are you ready to dive deeper into your soul’s eternal essence of creator consciousness? 

This program introduces the foundational component of soul alchemy, of transformation and of healing.  It is a program to enlighten your heart and mind with the ancient wisdom of creative mastery through the use of soul alchemy.  

It is designed to provide you with guidance, knowledge, exercices, and practices to navigate your way into your inner knowing of your soul’s purpose as a self-realized being.


in person yoga classes

6 Live Meditation & Yoga (in-person) classes (60-90 min)

Every THURSDAYS there will be evening classes ranging from 60-90 min). These practices will consist of meditation, breathing exercises and restorative style yoga poses (yin) on occasion more dynamic movement when necessary.

The emphasis of these classes will be to deepen your inner connection, to listen to your body, mind and your heart. To feel restored, connected and at peace.

For those who have taken classes with me before know that my classes are not pre-planned but rather I listen intuitively to the energy of the room and go with the current theme that presents itself.


free access to online courses and resources

Access our online meditation library, courses and other resources included in the Soul Alchemy Membership Portal.

During this experience you will you will have early access to my soon to be launched Membership programs. When you register, you will be able to access the material, resources and course within this membership for 6 weeks.


here are three courses available when you join…

the power of the breath

This is a foundational program for those who need guidance with learning simple and easy breathing practices. It is designed to help you use the power of your breath as a tool to come back to yourself, to your body and transform your health and your life.

finding your inner guru

Discover how to create a solid mindfulness meditation practice with this 6 modular program that introduces the fundamental principles and techniques used to create a solid holistic practice by reviewing all aspects our being.


the essence of yoga

This self-guided advanced program is an inner journey of deep soul connection where you can access the ageless wisdom of your soul and align yourself with your divine PURPOSE. It includes many tools to help you such as advanced breathing exercise, guided meditation, gentle yoga practice and learning content on energy, consciousness, chakras and much more.

More courses coming soon…

heal from the Inside out

Discover the essence of your soul as you navigate your inner landscape.  This 3 part program is designed to provide you with tools to learn how your mind, body and spirit contribute to your wellbeing, your soul’s evolution and expansion .


This in-depth online program that explores your energetic body and provides you with the necessary tools to navigate the subtle communication of your soul, to transmute  and expand your soul’s capacity to co-create.  

join our private online community

Access extra resources found in our private community Creation-E.

During this experience you will you will have access to our NEW private community Creation-E.  It is private network (mighty network) that also has extra meditations, a 21 day experience to explore and other recordings. 


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