accessing your soul's ancient wisdom

Discover the true essence of yoga as a path to freedom, to enligthenment, to love and to union with the source of your being.

” The deeper the Self-realization of a man, the more he influences the whole universe by his subtle spiritual vibrations, and the less he himself is affected by the phenomenal flux. “

Paramahansa Yogananda

What has been taught for centuries from the great yogis, masters and gurus of our past is what we are currently experiencing at this time.  We are being called onto a deeper practice of knowing our soul essence through our experiences in this current life.  We have been given tools that have helped many to attain greater states of consciousness and union.

When you have chosen the inner path of mastery, of self-realization, your soul begins its ascension path towards greater LOVE, JOY, BALANCE, HARMONY and ABUNDANCE.

The Essence of Yoga is an inner practice of deep soul connection where you can access the ageless wisdom of your soul and align yourself with your divine PURPOSE.

It is a combination of eastern and western wisdom of soul awakening, healing and mastery that serves as a guide for you to use in your own soul’s journey to co-creator consciousness.

It is designed to help you restore your CREATIVE FLOW so that you may create your life from your heart… from your soul… from a deep place of desire and passion.

It is a self-guided program with tools to help you navigate your inner journey.

I added BREATHING TECHNIQUES, GUIDED MEDITATIONS, YOGA PRACTICES & LEARNING CONTENT that have served me greatly in navigating my own journey.

The intent of this exploration is to open up a greater flow of universal energy within your body to assist your soul in purifying and transmuting the lower densities of energies that keep you from knowing your true creative ability.

The healing journey of your soul is one of self-mastery or self-realization.  It’s a clearing of old energy patterns that block you from remembering your PATH, your PURPOSE, and your TRUTH.


In this 6 modular experience you will discover the true essence of yoga, as a path to freedom , to enlightenment, to love, and to union with the source of your being.

audio meditations

Included in this program are guided audio meditations in every module that can be downloaded on any of your devices.

Video recording

Included in this program are  pre-recorded discussions on self-mastery, healing, consciousness, chakras, soul evolution, & creation.

Breathing practice

Included in this program are powerful pranayama practices that are explained and used within each practice videos.

reading content

Included in this program, you will find  downloadable written content in each module that supplement the video discussions that can be downloadable.

yoga practices

Included in this program are six 60-min gentle yoga practices that focus on breath energy flow and deep body restoration.

community access

Included in this program, you will also have free access to Creation-E, a private community membership portal.

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This course is divided into 3 parts.  Here is a look inside the content of each module to give you a better sense of the material coverded in this course.   Each module have updated written content that supplement the vidoe discussions.

The purpose of this modular program is to open up within you a remembrance of who you ARE as we align your mind, your heart and your energy with your I AM Presence. Through guided physical practice you are preparing your ‘body’ to hold greater vibrational states of consciousness that will improve your ability to access your soul’s ancient wisdom giving you clarity upon your own creative mastery path.


This module’s focus will be upon looking at the ancient practice of yoga as a “tool” and as a “spiritual practice” to assist your soul on its inward return journey to oneness with spirit and its outward creative expression of love through creative mastery.

We will be exploring the concept of YOGA and the use of the breath as a powerful tool to clear and purify the body of the lower vibrational densities and aligning it with the purest vibrations of love.


The Essence of Yoga: The Return to Oneness 

Key concepts discussed: The science of yoga, the trinity, soul evolutions, pranayama (breath of life), cosmic sound, Creator Consciousness, Creative Mastery, and Energy awareness.


Ujjayi Pranayama

In this module we break down the meaning of prana and pranayama and I introduce the UJJAYI breath.  It is a powerful breath that we will use throughout the practices.


Gentle Opening Yoga Practice

There are 2 videos in this module: Preparing your sacred space & modifications, and the Yoga practice.


Dropping into Presence

Dropping into presence-deeper awareness of your breath


The Cosmic Creative Mind

the trinity of creation

In Ancient times, Yoga was a practice of discipline for those seeking to liberate their soul to God.  It was a practice of focus, determination, and daily disciplined devotion to one’s inner exploration of finding TRUTH.

In this module I discuss and explore various perspective of trinity in yoga and other scriptures as a greater understand of our nature as a creator consciousness.


The Trinity of Creation

Key concepts discussed: The trinity of creation, liberation of the soul, self-realization, 3 higher aspects of man, Holy trinity, Bhagavad Gita, AUM, I AM, divine chart and more…


Nadi Sodhana Pranayama (aka: Alternate Nostril Breathing)

In this module we break down Nadi Sodhana breath.  One that we will be using throughout.


Slow Flow Yoga Practice

Slow flowing practice with focus on movement of breath in the spine. Includes a pranayama practice with a slower flow practice.


Elevate your Consciousness

Deeping into presence and elevating our consciousness. 

consciousness & Truth

What is truth? Who am I? What is the path of Enlightenment?

This 4-part lesson is an introduction to the concept of man as layers of consciousness and his existence or expression of himself as various vibrational frequencies that lead him to knowing the TRUTH of who he is as a being of pure omnipresent light/energy.

The Enlightenment of mankind is simply to “KNOW THYSELF”. To become “Enlightened” / “Self-Realized” means to discover within yourself the essence of YOU as a consciousness of creation. 


Consciousness and Truth

Key concepts discussed:

Enlightenment Buddhist path, 7 bodies of consciousness, Yogic 5 Koshas, Karma, Seven Bodies of Consciousness, I AM, Karma, cosmic law of cause and effect, embodiment, reincarnation , Path of Dharma, Buddhism, 8 fold path, yogic path and the science of alchemy.


Viloma Pranayama

This module’s pranayama practice is a preparatory breath that prepares you to expand the lenght and duration of your breath.


Root Opening

Seated practice to open up the lower spine and the 2 bottom chakras.


Remembering who you are

Connecting your heart to your higher mind and deeper into a greater state of remembering the blissful state of love.

The Cosmic Creative Body

exploring the subtle body

This module’s content involves building the energetic musculature through conscious awareness, breath and focus. When the energy body is strong, man experience a healthy physical, emotional and mental body.  The energy body is at the core of man’s experience of life.  When there is disharmony in the etheric (energetic) body, all other bodies are affected.  It becomes more apparent to the human experience that all dis-ease is rooted in the memory field of the soul and is expressed into his life.


Exploring the subtle body

Key concepts discussed:

Energy body, co-creation, tuning into your energy system, becoming aware of what we create, clearing energy through your practice, chakras as information centers of your creator consciousness, cosmic light rays and their connection.


Om Japa

This module’s breathing practice is not pranayama but another practice that is powerful in stimulating the chakra and assisting you in becoming more proficient at inner localizing your own chakras in your body.


Sacral Flow 

This yoga practice is focused on sacral region and restoring flow in the lower chakras.



Being in alignment with your co-creative essence.

the cosmic creative rays of light

In this module we discuss each ray (simplified), its application in creation, its connection to the chakras of the body, and information about the individual developing the qualities of that ray during embodiment.

The Great Cosmic Rays of Creator Consciousness are seven-fold in the planes of the physical and represent attributes of creation.  Contained within the energetic matrix of each light rays is the original blueprint of the specific coding required for the soul’s activation into creator consciousness. Simply put, the rays of light are information that the soul requires to attain his creative mastery consciousness.


The Creative Cosmic Rays

Key concepts discussed:

Creator Consciousness, seven rays of light, chakras, creation, etc…


Om Japa expanded, kutastha and Anahata Focus Breath

This instructional module is divided into 6 parts.  The first 2 are explanations of terms that will be used in the practice; Kumbhaka and Kutastha.  And the last 4 videos are the breath practice instructions.


Yin Practice

This practice is a yin practice focus on Anahata.


Expanding into Anahata

MEDITATION #1 : This meditation focuses on the presence and silence within the heart.

Receiving the Light Rays

MEDITATION #2 : Receiving the light rays meditation.

The Cosmic Creative Breath

the ancient wisdom of alchemy

The cosmic breath is the spirit of man which is embed in his heart as an eternal flame. This eternal flame is the cosmic fire that sustains his life in the physical plane. In this section we begin by exploring the nature of sacred fire as the agent of transformation and creation through alchemy, purification, and transmutation.


Alchemy as a tool for transformation, healing, and creation

Key concepts discussed:

Electrons, alchemy, violet flame, transmutation etc…


Defining Bandhas and Bhastrika Pranyama

This section has 2 vidoes one explaining Bandhas and the other Bhastrika.


Core Practice

This practice focuses on using and creating heat within the body. Application of the bhastika is found in this practice as well.


Violet Flame

In this guided meditation your are guided on using the violet flame for transmutation.

awakening the sacred sound within the cosmic heart

In this final module, we discuss the action of the sacred inner fire as a tool for creation and the vibrational impact of the sacred sound within each living soul. Within this model we explore the sacred sound and the vibration impact of your creations towards your self-mastery. We explore the nature of electrons, magnetism, waves, and vibration as a foundation for the soul’s evolution.


Awakening the sacred sound within the cosmic heart

Key concepts discussed:

Magnetism, 3 fold flame, mantras, sound, forcefield, harmonic flow, the spoken word, etc….


Bija Mantras

Using sound to “tune” the frequencies of each energy centers. In this section we will explore the use of Bija Mantra to assist in harmonizing each chakras.

Kapalbhati Pranayama

Practicing this pranayama, brings a light of clarity to the frontal region of the brain and third eye center.


Gentle Heart Flow

Gentle heart flow practice to stimulate the upper chakras.


Chakra Bija Mantra

Meditation #1: In this guided meditation your are guided on how to use and speak the Bija Seed Mantra of each Chakras.

Three-Fold Flame

Meditaiton #2: Guided meditaion with the inner sacred fire, the 3-fold flame.

The healing journey of your soul is one of self-mastery or self-realization.  It’s a clearing of old energy patterns that block you from remembering your PATH, your PURPOSE, and your TRUTH.

Self-Mastery is the realization of who you truly are as a creator consciousness and using your own divine energy, your gifts, and your talents to create creations that serve the greater purpose.

“Self-realization means to know truth through yourself, and not through others. By seeking God first, through Self-realization, all things-strength, power, prosperity, wisdom, health, and immortality-will be added unto you.”

Paramahansa Yogananda

It is through the application of the tools in this program along with the ageless wisdom of the masters, discipline and focus that I was able to pierce through the veil of separation that existence in my subconscious mind.

Once I was able to “see”  within me my creative nature as a being of creation, I regained clarity and energy flow to begin creating my life with a renewed purpose.

I am Kim, a passionate self-taught artist, mentor, healer and soul alchemist here to assist other souls on their journey to becoming co-creators who raise the frequency of the planet through their creations.

I have dedicated myself to developing programs, courses and artwork that serve to guide individuals on their own Path of Co-Creative Mastery through Spiritual Alchemy.

Whether you are new to your path of purpose or you are a well seasoned soul this space offers you an opportunity to expand deeper into divine love, compassion and wisdom.

My programs reflect the path of my own soul journey through its healing, expansion and creative mastery.  May they serve you to align your personal and professional life with the essence of you soul.

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