Welcome to my “Art Gallery”.

Below you shall find my most recent art pieces.

The artwork that I create mirrors a deep inner soul experience that expresses and conveys foundational aspects required to heal, rise and co-create magnificent beauty in the world of form once more.

Found deep within the layers of my paintings is a depth my soul traveled to feel, express and transform revealing the strength, courage and resilience required to heal the wounds of my soul so that it may rise again into becoming the co-creator of beauty and of love.

With no formal training,  my process of creation became a deep surrender with spirit as I allowed the vibrational information to flow through me and into the paintings themselves. Painting this way was a training ground proving to be instrumental in my soul’s healing and mastery which taught me how to befriend the great unknown of life, renewing in me a deeper passion and inspiring me to fulfill my soul’s purpose of guiding others through their own healing journeys.

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Trust in ME

Oil Painting (24in x 36in)


This painting entitled “Trust in Me” is a representation of the long journey HOME. It depicts our soul’s journey through the rough terrains encountered on earth as it finds solace in its inner connection to the ONE!
Its Message is:

“ Take refuge in me, as I shall hold you in the purest of light and of love as you cleanse away your doubts of who and why you are here. Trust in me as I trust in YOU to be the great warrior of light that you ARE!


Mural Painting (8ft x 8ft)


This painting is a mural which I entitled “ I AM” which represents a inner portal to the divine self.  It is a depicted by a tree of life, which has many symbolisms some of which are harmony, balance, peace, and love. It is a reminder that the portal to this harmonious state of being is within our very heart center as such this painting is a portal to the I AM within YOU!

Its message is this:

“May the seeds of your soul rise from the depth of your heart and create magnificent creations birthed in the purest vibration of love! Reach into the depth of your heart to see the light of your I AM presence radiating from within you!


The Wise One

Acrylic Painting (20in x 20in) AVAILABLE


This painting entitled “The Wise One’ is a reflection and a reminder to look within your heart to find the truth of who you are.

His message is this:

“He who seeks within will know me. He who seeks within will know thyself. As you look into my eyes, let them transport you deep within your soul so that you may remember who you are.”


Oil Painting (30in x 40in) AVAILABLE



This painting entitled “Emergence” represents the depth within your heart.  It is an invitation to explore the depth of your inner abyss.

Its message is:

“Deep within your depth there lies the light of your Soul.  Venture deep into your expanding abyss to find your eternal flame of love.”


Oil Painting (24in x 24in) SOLD


This painting entitled “Shakti” is a representation of the divine creative essence of the universe.  It translates from Sanskrit as “The divine power of creation”.  She is often depicted to represent the divine feminine essence of creation within every soul. 

Her message is this:

“Your soul is the embodiment of creation. Allow my essence to rise from the depth of your being and ignite within you, your soul’s passion and purpose.  May the essence infused in this artwork inspire you to create your soul’s masterpiece. “


The Light of Creation

Oil Painting (24in x 24in) SOLD 


This painting entitled “The Light of Creation” is a reminder that the light within your heart is the birthing place for all your soul’s creations.

It’s message:

“Draw deep within your heart and ignite the light of creation to inspire your soul to CREATE!” 

The Eye of Horus

Acrylic Painting (24in x 18in) AVAILABLE



This artwork entitled “The Eye” of Horus” is a representation of the sacredness of the teachings of ancient Egypt.

Its message:

“Within each one of you there is an ability to see beyond what is visible.  Let the Eye of Horus teach you ways to see the unseen.  Go beyond the veil of illusionary thoughts and seek the greater truth.” 


Oil Painting (24in x 24in) SOLD


This painting entitled “Majestic”  is a representation of the power of magic.  It is with a clear mind, a pure heart and a fierce focus that one can create magnificence in the world.

Her message is this:

“Hold steady your focus on that which you love and your souls will lead you to becoming the Majestic Being that you are.”

May she radiate the magic within your heart!

Embracing your Shadows

Acrylic Painting (16in x 20in) AVAILABLE 


This painting entitled “Embracing your Shadows” is a representation of the shadow side of your fears.

Its message is:

           “Have courage to see through the shadows of our fears for they expose the greater truth. Your shadow side when brought to light reveals an integral part of your whole which aligns you with your soul.”

The Universal Eye

Acrylic Painting (16in x 20in) AVAILABLE 


This artwork entitled “The Universal Eye” is a representation of the inner eye that is part of the all-knowing aspect of you.

Its message:

“There is but ONE source, ONE whole, ONE being, ONE love.  Being in the center of yourself is being in the center of the universe. Be as ONE.”




Cascades of Life

Oil Painting (12in x 36in) SOLD


This painting entitled “Cascades of Life” represents the ups and downs of life as we navigate our emotions.

Its message:

“Your emotions are like colors that come in different kinds of shades and tones.  Mastery of your emotions is learning to navigate these cascading nuances of energy.”

Kim Peterson

Kim Peterson

Kim is a passionate soul-driven artist, mentor, healer and soul alchemist here to assist other creative soul-driven leaders, light workers, artists on their journey to becoming soul embodied creators who raise the frequency of the planet through their creations.

Kim’s Soul Inspired Creations is a collection of paintings created to assist others on their soul’s path of Creative Mastery.  Her paintings are encrypted with specific vibratory patterns that influence the vibration of other souls.

When Kim paints, energetic patterns of information are integrated  into the multiple layers of her artwork. These layers serve to offer important energetic information needed for one’s soul evolutions.

Her most powerful works is her commissioned pieces in which she channels specific information and integrates it into the painting itself.

This form of artwork is known as precipitated art, wherein the artist becomes a vehicle of manifestation to which information from higher consciousness is integrated and encoded into layers upon layers of paint which create an upgraded energetic masterpiece specially designed to each soul.

Kim specializes in guiding others through their evolutionary path by teaching, leading, and assisting them to become masters of their own energy by using many tools to assist each individual uniquely, either through yogic breathing techniques, meditation, painting, or direct energetic healing through light code transmissions.




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