Discover the transformational power of the breath

This program is designed to help you use the power of your breath as a tool to come back to yourself, to your body and transform your health and your life. This is a foundational program for those who need guidance with learning simple and easy breathing practices.

In this program you will learn foundational breathing methods that are easy to apply that serve to bring awareness to your inner body sensations and open up your energetic pathways to experience a sense of vitality, peace and harmony.

The structure of this program is designed to prepare your body to do the more advanced breathing techniques that are found within our more advanced programs.

Contained within this program there are 5 modules that presents a new method to apply which will expand your inner connection and awareness of the subtle sensation of your breathe alive within you. They are simple and foundational exercises to apply to assist you in building a strong inner connection needed for your soul’s journey ahead.

Video content

Included in each module of this program are video lessons and discussions on different ways of using your breath.  


Included in this program are guided audio meditations in every module which apply the content reviewed in the video section.

Each module consists of a video discussion and a guided meditation practice. The video content explores concepts and the breathing practices are experienced in the guided meditations.


In this module, we explore the nature of the breath as a means of anchoring our awareness to the present moment.

body breathing

In this module we go a bit deeper in our bodies, as we explore the inner sensations of our breath IN our bodies. 

central channel

In this module, we explore ways to bring our awareness of feeling the breath moving along our central channel, our spine.

heart breath

In this module we explore ways to expand our heart so we can cultivate conscious connections with ourselves and others. 


In this final module, we explore the concept of stillness by observing the spaces between the breath.

Discover how choosing to breathe consciously can change how your body feels. 


Let’s get you started on your journey of discovering the Power of the Breath!


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