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Corporate Well-Being Retreats

Using Mindfulness, Self-Love and Self-Awareness as a path to Holistic Well-Being for Burnout Prevention and Recovery
Do you want to improve employee focus, attention, and behavior, reduce negativity, blame and absentees, strengthen collaboration and open the barriers of communication between peers and their leaders?

There are various ways in which I can work with you to help bring more wellness among your employees.

Below is a brief description of the Presentations, Mindfulness Programs & Consultation services I offer.


In my presentation I explain how mindfulness and self-awareness can be tools to help your employees:

  • Manage their stress
  • Understand accountability
  • Acknowledgement of being present
  • Learn to appropriately act in a moments with less emotional reactivity
  • Learn compassion and an understanding of how self-awareness and mindfulness can be used to prevent and overcome burnout and eventually lead to inner peace and love
  • Learn better communication skills and create better professional and personal relationships


Duration: 1 1/2h to 3h
This lecture covers the importance of mindfulness practices in your life and in your workplace. PowerPoint lecture and practical mindfulness exercises of breathing, grounding practices and guided meditation.


Duration: full day
This lecture covers ways to change your state of being to overcome and prevent burnout by cultivating mindfulness practices. A yoga, meditation and relaxations session is included in this presentation.


I am happy to develop a customized presentation to address your workplace needs. These presentations may include a combination of mindfulness practices, lectures and activities. Topics vary upon your needs.


Please contact me for a no obligation, no fee consultation

Programs, Classes & Workshops

As a follow up to my presentations, I offer mindfulness and self-awareness classes and workshops.

You can choose from the following or we can customize a workshop to target your employee’s specific needs.

Mindfulness Meditation, Yoga & Relaxation

These 60 min classes are taught either in the morning, lunch time or after work. And are offered in any combination listed below:

Individual classes, 6 week workshop or 12 week workshop

Mindfulness Meditation & Self-Awareness

These are 60-90 min classes that involve mindfulness meditation and brief lecture on various self-awareness topics. These group classes can be taught online or on-site.

Your Custom Program

Not sure what to offer your employees?
I am happy to develop a customized program to address your workplace needs. These presentations may include a combination of mindfulness practices, lectures and activities.
Please contact me for a no obligation, no fee consultation

 Mentoring & Consultation Program

I offer one-on-one services for employees who:


    • Need help guidance on managing the demands of both their personal and work life
    • Need guidance recovering from illness or burnout
    • Want to develop mindfulness practices and self-awareness
Corporate Wellness Retreats
“I wanted to thank you. The feedback from the staff is very positive. Your messages were clear and exercises were on the mark. Sharing your own journey was quite impactful. I realize that it was a condensed snapshot of what you do, but your session helped us achieve what we set out to do, which was mainly to let staff know that it’s ok to not be ok all the time, but also important to recognize it, take some ‘me time’ and do something about it – not only for our own good, but that of our families, colleagues and clients. And if some of us choose meditation, yoga or breathing as ways to get and stay well as a result of this session, bonus!”
Guy Robichaud

Executive Director, WNCHC-CSCNO

“The Awakening Hearts presentation was excellent. Very interesting and informative. It provided a unique perspective and opened my eyes to the idea of mindfulness and how it can be used in the workplace.”
anonymous, DNSSAB







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